A2X for Shopify

Shopify Accounting, Accurate, Automated And Reconciled

Key benefits

  • A2X for Shopify posts Shopify store sales automatically to QuickBooks, and reconciles your payouts so that you know everything has been accounted for correctly.
  • Set it and forget it - It takes two minutes to set up, then A2X generates payout summaries that reconcile each time a payout hits your bank account.
  • Shopify Plus, multi-store & multi-currency all supported - A2X for Shopify automates accounting for all your Shopify stores, in any currency, including multi-currency stores and stores offering more than one method of payment.

How it works with QuickBooks

A2X for Shopify, connect to your Shopify store using your Shopify store URL, connect to QuickBooks, and either use a standard e-commerce chart of accounts provided by A2X or set up your preferred mapping of Shopify and payment gateway transactions to your chart of accounts. A2X will monitor your Shopify Store, detect payouts, and post sales and fees automatically to your QuickBooks ledger.


Never waste another minute manually reconciling your Shopify payouts and figuring out fees, refunds or adjustments. A2X automates that manual process, transforming what took hours into a few seconds. A2X takes out the guesswork and gives you full visibility of your Shopify e-commerce sales and costs. A2X gives you accurate accrual financials, automated and reconciled. A2X for Shopify are designed for e-commerce sellers and their bookkeepers and accountants. A2X references the QuickBooks chart of accounts to facilitate mapping of Shopify transaction types to the appropriate ledger accounts. A2X can create a default set of ledger accounts.



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A2X for Shopify plans start at $19/month to automate your Shopify accounting. Plans cater for sellers just starting out, right up to large sellers with over 10,000 monthly orders. Full support for COGS, taxes and multi-currency payouts available.

Mini 19 Unlimited For sellers getting started up to 200 monthly orders.
Basic 39 Unlimited For sales and cost of goods sold accounting.
Standard 69 Unlimited For growing Shopify stores.
Advanced 99 Unlimited High volume, multi- currency, multi-country to suit larger sellers and Shopify Plus stores.


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Is there any contract?
There's absolutely no commitment, cancel anytime.
What does A2X cost?
Choose a monthly subscription based on your number of Shopify stores and a tier based on the number of orders that you receive each month. Entry level plans start at $19 per month for a single shop, and A2X scales to hundreds of thousands of orders every month.