Manage clients, projects, support, retainers and billing in one place.


Manage all the work you do for clients across projects, support & retainers online with AffinityLive. With built-in billing synced with QuickBooks, AffinityLive is the best way to manage your business in the cloud.

Automate Your Business from Prospect to Payment, Online

AffinityLive offers an all-in-one business automation solution. Get CRM, project management, time tracking, client support & invoicing in one, fully integrated system.

Automatically Sync Invoices and Payments with QuickBooks

AffinityLive syncs with your QuickBooks item, account and tax codes for fast invoice creation. All invoices, including line items that have been budgeted and approved, are automatically pushed to QuickBooks. Any payments that are made in QuickBooks are then reflected back in AffinityLive’s client record.

Easily Bill for Ongoing Services

With AffinityLive, you can create contracts and retainers to manage your ongoing services. Easily renew or roll-over balances, including recurring tasks. At the end of each period, you can auto-generate invoices and push them to QuickBooks without ever lifting a finger.

Get a Central Client Database for Your Team

When you sync your client contacts between QuickBooks and AffinityLive, you’ll get a single client-view of work, invoices and payments. AffinityLive gives your company a central client database with powerful search, filtering and reporting. Any emails that are sent between your team and your clients are tracked in your central business hub for full visibility.

Manage Sales and Projects Across Your Entire Company

Track your opportunities, pipeline and conversions in one place. With AffinityLive, you’ll be able to document any emails, meeting or call notes so that you can improve your sales team performance. AffinityLive’s full-suite Project Management module gives you live Gantt-charts, milestones, reusable templates, budgeting and reporting tools.

Get Organized with Task and Time Scheduling

Easily track time in AffinityLive on any projects you do, meetings you’ve attended, emails you’ve written and more. With drag-and-drop Tasks Boards, you can assign, update and schedule tasks according to your workload.

Automate Your Business from Prospect to Payment, Online
Automatically Sync Invoices and Payments with QuickBooks
Easily Bill for Ongoing Services
Get a Central Client Database for Your Team
Manage Sales and Projects Across Your Entire Company
Get Organized with Task and Time Scheduling



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Free 14 days trial, no CC required. Paid plans starting at $16/month.

Plus $34/month 1 AffinityLive Plus gives you CRM, Project Management, Support and Time-Billing all in one easy to use platform - the best way to manage all of your client work in the cloud.
Premium $69/month 1 AffinityLive Plus gives you CRM, Project Management, Support, Retainers and Time-Billing with customized business processes and advanced approvals for the needs of more complex businesses.

For help, contact the AffinityLive team at, or visit our comprehensive help website at

Support: 1-800-425-7315

Check out the most frequently asked questions below: Expand all
What is the difference between Paid and Free Users?
With AffinityLive you can have unlimited Free users known as "Collaborators". Collaborators have full rights to add, edit and interact with your AffinityLive account but they can't log billable time or be managers/owners of sales, projects or other client work.
Who uses AffinityLive and how do they use it?
Consultants, accountants, designers, programmers and other professional services companies use AffinityLive to manage and automate their business. Staff fulfill client services and log their work, which is then left to be approved by Administrators. You can avoid disparate systems and spreadsheets with an all-in-one, integrated platform accessed from anywhere online.
Is my data secure with AffinityLive? What happens to my data if I cancel my account?
We understand how important it is to keep your data safe and secure - which is why we've gone to pretty extreme lengths to lock things down. Our first security defense is simple, important but often overlooked - we make sure every single connection between you and the AffinityLive servers is encrypted using SSL encryption. For your peace of mind, you can also export ALL of your data out of AffinityLive, including in full, SQL format so you can take your data with you without missing a thing.
What if I need help? Do I have to pay for support?
Free support is available for every AffinityLive user. Just call, email or chat with us whenever you have questions about using the product. You can find answers to your questions in our Help Center, watch help videos on each page of the application, see a training video on our YouTube channel, or join us on a live webinar. We also offer training and implementation services to help get your whole team and company data on board.