Reporting, Consolidation & Planning For Cloud Based Accounting

Key benefits

  • Real time access to the organization’s performance integrating all relevant data sources
  • A clear picture of the future through powerful, but easy to use templates for all aspects of planning & forecasting
  • Effective collaboration around the gained insights ensuring that everyone is aligned with the organization’s objectives

How it works with QuickBooks

Acterys links to your QuickBooks or other accounting systems and generates a data mart optimized for analytics purposes in the cloud. This data mart can then be accessed using Actery's Add-ins into Power BI for interactive data discovery, planning and dashboards, an Excel - Add-in for flexible live reporting and planning with your data in Excel or any other tool that can access an MS SQL Server database.


Acterys is an integrated platform for data discovery and planning. It enables you to generate a comprehensive analytics environment in the cloud or on premise with a click on a variety of accounting platforms. Business users can get started in minutes and work with professional interactive report, dashboard and planning templates to realize powerful analytic applications.

14 day free trial, no credit card required, plans start at $49/mo

Acterys Connector $49 1 The Acterys Connector enables users to add one or more entities from cloud based accounting systems to a professional analytics environment in the cloud.
Acterys Admin $89 1 The Acterys Admin license includes all Acterys features: Tenant administration, modeller, Excel Add-in, Power BI visuals
Acterys Planner $49 1 The Acterys Planner license includes the following features: Excel Add-in, Power BI visuals and as well as all write back planning features
Acterys Viewer $19 1 The Acterys Viewer license includes read access with the following front ends: Excel Add-in, Power BI visuals

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Does Acterys allow consolidation of multiple entities?
Yes, that's what it is build for. You can load as many entities as you like into the Acterys data model and then use that for easily consolidating results.
Can I write back and plan with Acterys?
Yes, that is an integral feature. Acterys enables you to write back forecasts, budgets or any scenario to the Acterys database. This will not affect your QuickBooks system but you can if you like load the budget/plan data back into QuickBooks.
Do I need a Power BI license for Acterys?
No, Acterys users can use Power BI as an optional frontend. Some Power BI licenses are free of charge
Where is the Acterys data stored?
Acterys is using a standard Microsoft Azure tenant, one of the most secure and scalable database platforms available. In addition to the Acterys tools you can also access the data with any tool that can access MS SQL e.g. Tableau