All Orders

Advanced Inventory and Order Management Software


All Orders helps you make better business decisions. In purchasing, shipping and receiving, order entry, production, and inventory control, All Orders gives your company the tools to do your tasks faster, easier and more efficiently.

Home Dashboard

The Home Dashboard is a special launch screen that serves as a handy one-stop collection of all the often-accessed lists and forms. One click access to popular sales, purchasing, production and warehouse function plus quick reports make this a go to screen for many users.

Customer Info

Our customer information screen provides a complete history of every transaction for each customer. Combined with searching and filtering, staff can easily find quotes, orders, shipments and return and open them for viewing or editing with a single click.

Advanced Production Tracking: Work Orders / Disassemblies

The Work Order/Disassembly uses the BoMs that have been defined for high level production management. Build complex assemblies,allocate only what you need to begin production,split WO’s and drill down WO's for subassemblies. The purchasing tool can generate PO's for raw material ordering. Specify qty produced (including raw material) to sink the correct costs into the finished assembly. The Disassembly can be used if an assembly is returned or needs to be broken down and returned into stock.

The Entire Sales Cycle: Quotes / Sales Orders / Shipping Documents / RMAs / Customer Returns

All Orders provides documents to cover the entire Sales Cycle. Quotes can be issued to customers and then easily be converted into actual Sales Orders. Orders can then be filled with shipping documents which prompt the pick, pack and ship process, culminating in an invoice being generated in QuickBooks. RMAs and Customer Returns can be generated as well to complete the Sales Cycle.

Reorder Analysis

Tired of manually creating Purchase Orders to restock or fill orders? The Reorder Analysis screen will create Purchase Orders in batch based on items falling below reorder points or orders needing inventory. If you have multiple sources for your items,pick and choose who you want to buy from on the fly. Update costs if you get special pricing and quantities if you need just a few extra. Click Create Orders and like magic all the expected Purchase Orders are created and ready to be sent.

Report and Form Designer

Besides packaging 100+ forms and reports, All Orders includes a full featured report designer. Create unlimited custom forms and add personal touches such as your logo, fonts and colors. Add and remove fields from forms and report so all you see is what you want. Add custom fields for extra flexibility. Print labels and barcodes for any report or form. Advanced users can create calculated fields and formulas and even create new reports from scratch.

Home Dashboard
Customer Info
Advanced Production Tracking: Work Orders / Disassemblies
The Entire Sales Cycle: Quotes / Sales Orders / Shipping Documents / RMAs / Customer Returns
Reorder Analysis
Report and Form Designer



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One time fee plus annual maintenance ( additional users can be purchased individually)

2 Users $1,800 ( initial purchase) , $500/year thereafter 2 Includes 2 hrs of training, unlimited technical support and software upgrades
5 Users $4,000 ( initial purchase) , $900/year thereafter 5 Includes 3 hrs of training, unlimited technical support and software upgrades
10 Users $6,100 ( initial purchase) , $1,400 /year thereafter 10 Includes 5 hrs of training, unlimited technical support and software upgrades

We offer telephone and email support. We also offer various self support options including our Online Users Manuals, Knowledge Base, and Multiple Training Videos which will present step by step guides for accomplishing many of the most common tasks performed in our solutions.


Online support:


Do I need my own server to run All Orders?
No. You can run All Orders in a work group using a regular PC. There are also affordable hosting options.
Can All Orders be run from a Mac?
Yes and No. There are two options 1) You remote into a Windows machine or 2) you install a Windows emulator like Parallels
What does the Maintenance Program give me?
The Maintenance Program gives your unlimited technical support and all software upgrades.
Can I access All Orders from the web?
All Orders has web interface mainly for sales reps and customer. All Orders will be completely web based by 2017.