Simple document management for QuickBooks Online transactions


Founded by a bookkeeping firm, LedgerDocs greatly improves collaboration between businesses, their bookkeeper and accountant to save time and money. Each feature developed is carefully tested and approved by our team of bookkeepers and accountants.

Multiple Ways to Upload Documents

Use your smartphone, email, Dropbox, or even a ScanSnap to upload source document such as invoices, bank statements, purchase orders and cheque stubs to LedgerDocs from the office and on the go.

Simple Interface for Managing Documents Online

Invite users to collaborate and ask questions directly from source documents. Add context to these documents such as conversation notes and tags from the document viewer.

Create QuickBooks Online Transactions in One Click

Easily create QuickBooks Online transactions such as invoices, bills and expenses with attached source documents from the LedgerDocs document viewer with our “1-Click Create” feature and file away.

View Attached Documents from within QuickBooks Online

View these filed documents with notes and tags from any transactions in question within QuickBooks Online.

Multiple Ways to Upload Documents
Simple Interface for Managing Documents Online
Create QuickBooks Online Transactions in One Click
View Attached Documents from within QuickBooks Online



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Our pricing is based on the number of companies (or clients) you wish to set up in LedgerDocs. Each company you create can be connected to corresponding QuickBooks Online company file.

Company 3 $29 9 3 Companies, 90 GB Space, 9 users
Company 5 $49 15 5 Companies, 150 GB Space, 15 users
Company 10 $99 30 10 Companies, 300 GB Space, 30 users
Company 15 $134 60 15 Companies, Unlimited Space, 60 users

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What is a Company?
Users are able to create multiple “Company” folders within LedgerDocs, each of which is completely independent from the other. For example, an accountant or bookkeeper may have 50 clients using LedgerDocs; each of which would have their own “Company” within the app.
How does the free trial work?
Sign up for your risk-free trial to test out all of the great features that LedgerDocs has to offer. No credit card required means no setup fees and no hidden costs. Simply select your plan and make a payment at any time during your free trial.
Where do I start?
After signing up for your 14 day free trial, check your email for the LedgerDocs Quick Guide. Follow the instructions to get the most out of your LedgerDocs experience. Want to see more? Schedule a demo with one of our friendly support members!