The Forecasting & Reporting platform for decision making

Key benefits

  • What is Futrli? It’s where you can get all the answers about your business in one place. Our platform integrates today’s business data with your plans for the future to help you make smart decisions with your team or advisor.
  • How does it work? Futrli is cloud-based and connects seamlessly with your favourite financial data sources. Get automated insights for the drivers that matter to you. Futrli is an operational platform that will help you run your day to day.
  • Why should I get Futrli? Because you want more control over your business and to make smart decisions. Every business is different. Futrli works hard to tell your business’ unique story, in a way that makes the most sense for you.

How it works with QuickBooks

Where QuickBooks Online stops, we begin. Connect Futrli straight to QuickBooks for smart forecasting, detailed reporting and staying on top of the numbers with auto alerts.


Automated 3-way calculations, Flexible payment term profiles, Wizards (loan, formula, etc.), Multiple forecasting methods, Multiple assumptions per account line, Import existing budgets & forecasts, Create from trends & prior year’s figures, Duplicate budgets & create what-ifs, Automated sales tax calculations, Duplication & full customisation, Actual & forecast reporting in one place, Rolling forecast visualisation, Non-financial KPI measurement, Pre-built PDF templates, pages & reports, Performance snapshot tracking, Powerful formulas, Customisable charts, cards & tables, Scenario v scenario visualisation, Export to PDF, Excel & CSV



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Pricing is per month. No credit card required for trial. All prices are listed exclusive of VAT.

Pay As You Go USD$49.99/month 9999 Pricing is per organisation, per month.
Bronze USD$299/month 9999 20 organisations, plus one free for you
Silver USD$525/month 9999 75 organisations, plus one free for you
Gold USD$750/month 9999 200 organisations, plus one free for you
Platinum POA 9999 Please get in touch for a bespoke go-to-market strategy

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