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Where QuickBooks Online stops, we begin. The world is changing. FUTRLI is your business sat-nav to help you navigate the future. We help advisors & businesses collaborate: Forecasting, Advanced Reporting/Dashboards, KPIs, Alerts & Consolidation.

Forecasting & Insights

Think of your budget as a printed roadmap showing your expected route from A-B. Every business needs to budget but it can't stop there. FUTRLI is your business sat-nav to help you navigate the future. There will be road blocks and fast-tracks but the only way you can course correct is to forecast frequently. We help advisors and business owners to look forwards together. You should re-forecast as often as you put petrol in your vehicle because the world is changing so rapidly.

Advanced Reporting, Consolidation, Printed Report Packs, White Labelling

FUTRLI is everything you need to be an advisor or run your business looking forwards. Whether you need to investigate corporation tax, drill down into KPIs, prepare a monthly report for the Board or raise funds with the Bank - we've got you covered. Plus, if you have multiple entities and you need reliable, robust and automated consolidated reporting/forecasting or you want to white-label our app as your own we can get you there too.

Alerts & Monitoring

We know your business today, the past, and where you want to be. FUTRLI and QuickBooks Online will seamlessly inform you of the good or the bad direct to your inbox. Is your accounts payable too high? Has your average spend per head fallen? We've got your back.

For Businesses & Advisors

FUTRLI helps businesses, investors, advisors and banks to collaborate together on the past, present and future - all in one place. In minutes you can share live dashboards, create beautiful report packs and more. Once you've done something once - it is ready forever. Copy reports across clients, use our templates - the list goes on. We've designed FUTRLI for busy people who want to get the job done fast.

Business Advisor Certification (CPD)

FUTRLI is an entirely new way to run a business. Rather than letting clients battle spreadsheets alone and risk their business' future trying to forecast or track KPIs, show them a better way. While most accountants look backwards, you'll be fully equipped to work with your clients as often as they need.

Let our platform do the heavy lifting

FUTRLI is designed for busy people who understand that inefficiency is expensive. To enable you to look up and ahead, forecasting and business planning software needs to be beautifully simple and completely integrated. To make this even more powerful, we've connected it seamlessly to QuickBooks Online. Together, we'll make sure you always have effortless insights delivered before success go unnoticed or risk creeps in. FUTRLI is like insurance and an investment in your future.

Forecasting & Insights
Advanced Reporting, Consolidation, Printed Report Packs, White Labelling
Alerts & Monitoring
For Businesses & Advisors
Business Advisor Certification (CPD)
Let our platform do the heavy lifting



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