Fixed Asset Connect

The complete cloud-based fixed asset management platform


FAConnect is cloud-based software designed for SMBs with simplicity and usability. FAConnect contains more than just the routine fixed assets accounting and tax calculations. It also includes a full lifecycle management platform.

Fixed Assets Overview

View the full list of your company's fixed assets.

Fixed Asset Detail Page

All information is displayed on a single page.

Maintenance Module

Automate preventive maintenance.

Fixed Assets Overview
Fixed Asset Detail Page
Maintenance Module


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Fixed Asset Connect pricing plans

Premium Plan $29.95 per month 5 Priority customer support, SSL encryption, and backup service.
Free Plan Free 1 Register up to 10 assets.


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What is Fixed Asset Connect?
Fixed Asset Connect is a fixed asset management solution. It supports the full lifecycle management of assets, from acquisition to disposal. It tracks the financial, contractual, and physical inventory of assets and facilitates asset tracking for Internal and Tax purposes. Fixed Asset Connect is a web-based application, which means users can access the solution anywhere and anytime.
What user support does Fixed Asset Connect offer?
To assist in your ongoing success, Fixed Asset Connect provides the following support services to our customers: Flexible support options via email support within 48 hours, a skilled and well-trained team of support professionals, and the ability to submit an unlimited number of support tickets, at no additional cost.
Who owns the data and what can I do with my data?
You own your data. Your fixed assets data can be exported to CSV, Excel, or PDF format. To integrate with QuickBooks Online you need to have a paid account with them. When signing in to Fixed Asset Connect, you will be given the option to sign-in with QuickBooks, linking the two accounts.