Label Connector

Get your Labels done Quickly and Accurately. Free 14 day Trial!

Key benefits

  • Entirely New Design for 2018! Allows users to leverage and print Labels from QuickBooks Online Invoice and Item data. Item Id, Description, Customer Name, Sku, Sales Price, Invoice Number, Purch. Info. Add Barcodes and text. Design your layout.
  • 2018 Edition generates PDF's for label printing. Use any label printer to print Labels. Label designer included. Use your current printer driver and send pdf labels directly to your Label Printer. Call us for help designing your first label.
  • Add 3 types of Barcodes: Code 128, Code 39 and UPC A. Add Text fields Label designer allows for landscaped style labels. Template Library of existing Label designs provided, or design your own.

How it works with QuickBooks

Enables Rapid production of Labels and barcode labels from QuickBooks Invoice data. Go to our Website to learn more!


Allows users to print Labels using QBO Invoice data and Item Data. Generates PDF output. Compatible with any label printer. We also have an Edition for QuickBooks Desktop editions.


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Free 14-day trial

No Credit Card for Free trail required $14.00 / Month, No limit on Printing 1 Allows user to print unlimited Label print jobs. Users can contact Accuware for more information.

Support Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am- 5:00 pm CST.

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What Type of Printer is compatible with Label Connector?
Any printer can work with 2018 version. Label Type printers work best. Zebra, Dymo, Brother, any Label printer with a windows driver.
Can Accuware provide me with a special Label template to fit my exact needs?
You can now design your own label template in our designer or we can help you by designing your label for you.
Can Accuware read data out of other places inside QuickBooks Online edition?
We can access data elements throughout QuickBooks on Line. Today we support Item, description, Sku, Invoice number and customer name. We can add new data to be supported onto labels for you.
Can you help me determine if my printer will work properly?
Yes. We can provide a lot of expertise in this area. Most label type printers work great. Zebra, Brother, Dymo all work well.