OntraPort by Cloud Cart Connector

Sync Customers, Products and Purchases with QuickBooks Online


Easily sync customers, products, and purchases from OntraPort to QuickBooks Online. To sync with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Wholesale & Manufacturing, or Enterprise, visit connexforquickbooks.com.

Automatically Sync Contacts and Purchases with QuickBooks Online

Our solution creates a scheduled task to sync with QuickBooks.

Intuitive, Web-Based UI

Click on the help icons for details on each field. Fields are broken down by function, which enables you to quickly make changes.

Customer and Product Mapping

Our solution can match customers by name, company, or use a single customer for all orders. Cloud Cart Connector can map items by SKU or you can manually map items to QuickBooks.

International QuickBooks Online Support

We support the Australian, Canadian, United Kingdom, and United States editions of QuickBooks Online.

Automatically Sync Contacts and Purchases with QuickBooks Online
Intuitive, Web-Based UI
Customer and Product Mapping
International QuickBooks Online Support

7 day free trial, no credit card. Plans start at $29/mo. $249 one-time activation fee charged separately.

1,800 Transactions 29 1 Sync up to 1,800 transactions yearly with one connection.
6,000 Transactions 49 1 Sync up to 6,000 transactions yearly with one connection.
18,000 Transactions 69 1 Sync up to 18,000 transactions yearly with two connections.
30,000 Transactions 99 1 Sync up to 30,000 transactions yearly with four connections.
Unlimited Transactions 199 1 Sync unlimited transactions with up to eight connections.

Support is available Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Please email support@jmawebtechnologies.com


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How do I set-up the integration?
For instructions, read this article: http://support.cloudcartconnector.com/hc/en-us/articles/203408249-OntraPort