Freckle Time Tracking

Friendly Online Time Tracking Software


Freckle helps you manage your time and see the big picture: which days have you been working? How much, and on what? Is all that time billable time? What are your teammates and employees doing?

Exporting to QuickBooks Online

You can start exporting to QuickBooks Online in 5 minutes, with a crystal-clear overview of what will happen

The Freckle Pulse

Your top-level overview for when (and what) your team's working on

Logging Time

In Freckle, it literally takes only 10 seconds to create a time entry for a completely new client. You don't need to configure anything.

The Freckle Timer

The Freckle Timer is a handy stopwach-like tool that enables you to quickly start, pause and log time for the different projects you're working on during your day.

Exporting to QuickBooks Online
The Freckle Pulse
Logging Time
The Freckle Timer


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Freckle offers monthly plans with per-user pricing for additional users

Team 49 5 Additional users: $10/month/user
Solo 19 1 Additional users: $14/month/user
Organization 199 25 Additional users: $8/month/user. Feel free to contact our sales team! (844) 4-FRECKLE*

Chat and email support from the people that actually make Freckle, including the designers and founders


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Does Freckle offer a free trial?
Yes! Try Freckle on us with our 14-day fully functional free trial.
Is there a long-term contract for using Freckle?
Don't worry, there's no long-term contract and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.