Intuitive cash flow forecasting - see your future bank balance

Key benefits

  • Accurate data you can trust: Float provides an accurate, visual representation of your real cash position, giving you confidence in your current and future cash status.
  • Time saving: Save time on manual cash flow forecasting with automatic updates every 24 hours with what's really happening in your business, and trust that the information will always be accurate.
  • Spot cash fluctuations in advance: Having a visual picture of your cash will help you spot cash shortages and surpluses well before they happen, giving you plenty of time to secure funding or reinvest surplus cash.

How it works with QuickBooks

How much cash will you have in the bank tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Float integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks to build a visual, easy-to-understand picture of your current and future cash. It's the only cash flow app for QuickBooks Online that updates your expectations with actuals every day. We import every bill and invoice from QuickBooks Online, enabling you to set accurate 'expected' payment dates that can be different from the official due date, making your forecast a true reflection of your cash position. Faster and simpler than Excel. Plus it never goes out of date!


Float provides a quick and easy solution to cash flow forecasting. Gone are the days of spending hours every month trying to bring your spreadsheet up to date only for it to go out of date the next time you process a transaction. As Float automatically reads all of your bills, invoices and actuals in QBO, it provides you with an always up to date, accurate cash flow forecast in a matter of minutes.



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Choose a plan based on the number of users and the number of scenarios you want. Fancy a test drive? Start your 14 day free trial today!

Medium (Team of 3) US$69 per month (15% discount when paid annually) 3 Base forecast, 5 additional scenarios, 3 years future forecast, weekly cash summary and email support.
Large (Team of 10) US$119 per month (15% discount when paid annually) 10 Base forecast, 10 additional scenarios, 3 years future forecast, weekly cash summary and email support.
Extra Large (Team of 10) US$249 per month (20% discount when paid annually) 100 Base forecast, 100 additional scenarios, 3 years future forecast, weekly cash summary and email support.

We offer in-app and email support as well as a help centre and training webinars.


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How does it work?
Our app integrates with QuickBooks to automatically pull in your historic data and use it to project into the future. As you raise invoices and receive bills in QuickBooks, we look at the credit terms and forecast when the cash will move in and out of your account. The result is you can predict what your bank balance will be at any point in the future.
Why should I do short term cash flow forecasting?
Managing your short term cash flow means you won't lie awake at night worrying about making payroll this month. It means you will have a much tighter handle on collecting the cash that is owed to you. It means you will always have enough cash in your bank account to meet your obligations. You will spend less time firefighting finance and more time focussed on growing your business. Our seamless integration with QuickBooks means that your forecast will always be up to date.
Why should I do longer term cash flow forecasting?
77% of our subscribers say that Float helps them make better business decisions. Longer term cash flow forecasting means that you can ask and answer some extremely difficult questions about the future. Can I afford to make a new hire? What will happen to my bank balance if sales increase/decline over the next 6 months? Should I buy or lease the new company car? Our QuickBooks integration means you can create a base, long-term projection based on historic averages and build on it.