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Lendio will help you easily find the right loan options for your business. You can easily view all your loan options, quickly choose from your options and receive your funds, and have a Loan Specialist help you with each step of the process.

Here's how it works:

1. Easily and quickly connect your QuickBooks account to Lendio. Lendio will access your QuickBooks data and fill in the basic information needed to show you your loan options.
2. Select the loans that interest you. You can choose only those products that work for you.
3. Our QuickBooks integration makes it easy to quickly pull in your data to complete an application.
4. Lenders compete to give you the best rate.
5. Get funded and fuel your dream.

No more talking to your bank, waiting for weeks, only to get nowhere

With Lendio you have an easy to use tool that helps you compare loan options from over 50 lenders. These lenders compete to give you the best rate. Each step along the way you’ll have a Loan Specialist providing you with a quick, white glove experience. View available loan options from over fifty lenders. Receive these options within seconds with our easy QuickBooks connection. Loan Specialists that are dedicated to your success are here to help.

Rated 5 Star

Lendio is rated 5 star by hundreds of funded businesses on the independent review site Trustpilot.

We’re Here to Help:

Questions? Call us at 855-208-0355

Here's how it works:
No more talking to your bank, waiting for weeks, only to get nowhere
Rated 5 Star
We’re Here to Help:



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No credit card required, absolutely free to see your loan options and use full service

FREE $0 1 Lendio is a free service.

When you use the QuickBooks integration to receive a free account you will be assigned a Loan Specialist that will be there to help you each step along the way. If you ever have any questions this Loan Specialist will be available to you via email, text message or phone call. In addition to contacting your Loan Specialist for any questions you may have, you can also contact us via the below phone number.

Support: 855-208-0355
Online: http://www.lendio.com/faq/

Check out the most frequently asked questions below: Expand all
Will you pull my credit?
Lendio only does soft pulls on your credit. Once you’re matched with a lender who’s a good fit for your business profile, they will most likely perform a hard pull to verify your information. However, this only happens once you’re matched with a lender and you have explicitly agreed to participate in the formal application by signing off on the terms and conditions.
What does it cost to use Lendio’s service?
Nothing. Lendio does not charge anything to go through its program and matching service. Generally, Lendio only makes money from the lenders once a loan has been issued.
Why is Lendio the best way to find a small business loan?
Most business owners spend over 20+ hours searching and working on getting capital for their business. They'll evaluate two or three lending options. That's nonsense. Lendio has a free tool that allows you to easily see funding options from over 50 lenders. Lendio's tool takes just a few minutes to use. Lendio will also pair you with a Funding Specialist that will guide you through the whole process if you need help.
How quickly can I get my loan?
Using Lendio’s QuickBooks integration to create a profile only takes a few minutes. From there the time it takes to get funding will vary on the loan product. Lendio’s lenders focus on making the lending process as quick and painless as possible. Many of Lendio’s lenders and products can fund in as little as a day or two. A large factor is how fast you can get Lendio’s loan specialists the information and documents needed which is greatly accelerated with the QuickBooks integration.