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Key benefits

  • Put your Accounting on Autopilot in just a few clicks now. will create Sales Receipts, Fees, Refunds, match Transfers to Deposits and more.
  • Automatically Match Stripe Transfers with Bank Transactions
  • Your Charges and Fees details within the same Transfer. Your Accounting always up-to-date.

How it works with QuickBooks

As is perfectly integrated with QuickBooks, you’ll spend less time to reconcile your Stripe transfers on your bank account in QuickBooks. The match is automatically done, you simply have to approve them!


Synchronize all your Stripe Charges, Fees and Refunds. The charges are created as Sales Receipts in QuickBooks and the refunds as Refund Receipts. The Fees are embedded in the deposit when a transfer occurs in Stripe. Your Charges and Fees linked in the same Transfer. For each Stripe transfer to your bank account, automatically creates a deposit in QuickBooks with all matching Stripe Data (charges, fees and refunds). Customize your setup. will allow you to choose sync date, account preferences, and more. Currency and other compatibility options are checked automatically to prevent any errors between Stripe and Quickbooks.



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Free sample transactions test. Unlimited plan at $19/month.

Stripe to Quickbooks $19 N/A Real-time Refresh & Unlimited transactions

Support is available Monday through Friday. You can chat with our support team on our app and website.

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How does my Stripe data syncs with QuickBooks Online?
Please have a look at the process description:
Is my data secure?
Yes. We guarantee that your data is securely transferred all along the procedure.
Do you have an affiliate program?
We can offer discounts if you register several companies at once. We usually offer this deal with CPAs who bring along several companies at once.