Comprehensive and easily implemented route optimization solution.

Key benefits

  • INTEGRATED WITH QuickBooks: Sync your data seamlessly with QuickBooks. Import customers and orders to easily add stops to your routes.
  • MINIMIZE DRIVE TIME: Reduce travel time by driving the most efficient route. Less miles, less time, more value
  • REDUCE FLEET MAINTENANCE: Less time on the road is less wear and tear on vehicles. Vehicle operating costs are factored in for the most optimal route plan.

How it works with QuickBooks

Easily import your orders (estimates and invoices) from QuickBooks into RouteMizer based on preferred date range to create stops on your routes for optimization.


When you have a thin profit margin, every expense must be perfectly optimized to maximize your bottom line. RouteMizer allows you to reduce fuel costs while increasing driver productivity. Comprehensive, yet easy to implement, RouteMizer provides a way to optimize every route every day, driving increased profits and customer satisfaction.

Robust solution, simple pricing: $15 per route, per month

Monthly Subscription $15 N/A $15 per route, per month

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What if a customer has a time window for delivery?
You can set each customer with specific time windows. The default is set to "No Time Window" but can easily be changed.