InLattice - AP/AR Automation

InLattice - Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Automation for QuickBooks

Key benefits

  • Go beyond online invoicing
    Customers can access invoices online or through email link. Supports Attachments, Notes. Track document history. Online payment option with ACH/NACHA, PayPal, Authorize.Net. Post payments to QuickBooks Online
  • Vendor Portal for QuickBooks Online
    Receive vendor invoices online and Post as Bills to QBO without data entry. Online approval option. Track document history. Supports Attachments, Notes. Distribute PO, Payment data to Vendors.
  • Customer Payments / Vendor Direct Deposit by ACH/NACHA
    Get paid faster, easier and cheaper. Receive ACH/NACHA payments. Stop writing checks. Make direct deposits to vendors using ACH/NACHA file. Send automatic email notifications.

How it works with QuickBooks

InLattice automates the Accounts Payable/Receivable process by seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks Online.

Exchange documents such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payment Information, etc., with your customers and vendors by directly importing/exporting these documents to and from your QBO account.
Create Vendor Payments in QuickBooks Create NACHA file Automatic Direct Deposit notification through email Provide Online Access to payment details Provide payment history to Vendors


Customer Account Center for QuickBooks Online
Online access to Invoices and Payments is a self-help solution for Customers
Receive payment via ACH, PayPal, Authorize.Net.
Posts payments to QuickBooks
Vendor Portal for QuickBooks Online
Receive Vendor Invoices and Post it as Bills in QuickBooks.
Receive vendor invoices online.
Post invoices as Bill to QBO Items/Expenses.
Online approval.
Customer/Vendor ACH Payments - NACHA file
Direct deposits using ACH/NACHA means $$$ in saving
Stop writing checks

Supports Attachment, Notes, Track document history.


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Subscription plans

Enterprise $250/month 999 Up to 5000 transactions. Phone and Email support.
Premium $150/month 999 Up to 3000 transactions. Phone and Email support.
Platinum $90/month 999 Up to 1000 transactions. Phone and Email support.
Gold $50/month 999 Up to 500 transactions. Phone and Email support.
Silver $25/month 999 Up to 150 transactions. Email support.

Support SLA is based on the selected subscription plan.


(847) 794-3074
Online support:


What documents are supported in InLattice?
InLattice can be used to send customer invoices, and receive vendor invoices. It also supports purchase orders, payment data. Any supporting documents can be attached to invoices and purchase orders. Online notes can be added to any documents.
How do I automate vendor invoices?
Your vendors can log in to InLattice, then create and submit Invoices. You receive them and then create and post them to your QuickBooks account as bills. InLattice remembers your previous transaction and uses to automatically map the items, customer jobs etc. Custom validations can be added to vendor invoices. Some of our clients have saved several hours in manual posting of vendor invoices into QuickBooks.
How can I automate vendor payments?
With the ACH feature of InLattice, you can generate a NACHA file and upload it to your bank, thereby saving quite a bit on transaction fees, operational expenses related to check writing, signing, posting.
Can I receive customer payments using InLattice?
Yes, InLattice supports customer online payments using ACH/NACHA file for both pre-approved payments as well as with online authorization. Credit Card, Paypal payments are also supported.