Bill My Time from Google Calendar

Time sheets automatically created from your Google Calendar events.


Google Calendar events are sent to QuickBooks as time activities. Only available for QuickBooks Plus. Sign up for a free trial

QuickBooks + G Suite = better together

G Suite is a professional business account from Google that includes Gmail, Sheets and Google Hangouts. It’s everything you need to do your best work, all in one place. Try G Suite for free

Access QuickBooks customers in Google

When you connect Google Calendar to QuickBooks, all your QuickBooks customers are imported to a QuickBooks Customer group within your Google Contact list. As your business grows and you add new customers, they’re continuously synced with your Google Contact list.

Track billable hours in Google Calendar

Schedule events with QuickBooks Customers on your Google Calendar. Billable time is identified in 2 ways: you can use a + in front of a customer’s name in the title of the event (they won’t receive an invitation) or add the QuickBooks customer as a guest on the event (in this case, they will receive an invitation).

Time activities created for you—automatically

Billable events in Google Calendar automatically become time activities in QuickBooks Plus, without you having to re-enter any information. Your billable time data is imported to QuickBooks every 15 minutes.

Faster and easier invoicing

Create an invoice in QuickBooks Plus and select a customer whose scheduled event has ended. Time activities for that customer will pop right up. Select the billable times you want to include and add them to the invoice in just 1 click.

Try the Chrome extension

The app is great, but the extension makes it even better. Using Chrome, download the QuickBooks Customer Selector browser extension (plug-in). It creates a QuickBooks customer selection list when adding customer names in Google Calendar. Creating Calendar events will be quicker and flawlessly error-free.

QuickBooks + G Suite = better together
Access QuickBooks customers in Google
Track billable hours in Google Calendar
Time activities created for you—automatically
Faster and easier invoicing
Try the Chrome extension


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The Bill My Time from Google Calendar app is free—like $0.00, pay-nothing free. It works with QuickBooks Plus and your Google account. Charges only apply if you sign up for G Suite from Google Cloud.

Personal Gmail account Free 1 Free use with Google personal Gmail account
G Suite from Google Cloud Standard pricing applies 1 Standard pricing applies

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Can I use this app with my personal Gmail account if I don't have G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for Work)?
Yes, you can use this app with your personal Gmail account. However, we recommend using G Suite, especially if your business has more than one employee.
I upgraded to QuickBooks Plus and I am still unable to connect to the app
Please allow up to 24 hours after upgrade before attempting to connect this app from QuickBooks Plus.