The Simple Way to Picture Cash Flow, Budget & Sales Scenarios


Forecast cash flow, budget and sales with this simple-to-use tool built for small business owners and accountants. Flexible & scenario-based, Dryrun helps compare your options. Import invoices and bills, customer, due date and amount from QuickBooks.

Compare Multiple Scenarios in Dryrun

Add as many scenarios as you need in each forecast to test your assumptions

Clear Visuals

Review details, spot overdue items and maintain complete control

Easy Collaboration

Share forecasts and work together, even export your data

Compare Multiple Scenarios in Dryrun
Clear Visuals
Easy Collaboration



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$19/month per user

Single User $19/month 1 Create Unlimited Forecasts, Unlimited Scenarios in Forecasts, Build Recurring Budget, Track Payables & Receivables, Share Forecasts, Integrate with QuickBooks Online, Graph & Spreadsheet Export

Contact us with feedback and questions throughs messaging right in Dryrun. We generally respond within 2 hours during our office hours of 9-5 MST. Self serve support is also available at dryrun.com/help.

Support: 1-855-437-9786
Online: http://dryrun.com/help

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What do you import from QuickBooks Online?
Dryrun is able to import your invoices and bills with the customer, due date and amount. You have complete control of what data you import to individual scenarios and the date range.
Can I change my data once it’s in Dryrun?
Once your data is in Dryrun, you are able to make any changes you’d like to model out different potential outcomes for your business. Dryrun will never make changes to your QuickBooks Online account.
What is a forecast vs. a scenario?
In Dryrun, forecasts contain scenarios. You can make as many forecasts as you require for your business and each will contain at least one scenario. You are able to add or duplicate as many scenarios as you need in each forecast to test different outcomes and track different data.
How do budgets work in Dryrun?
We recommend that you build your recurring budget right in Dryrun rather than importing budget data. It's detailed, easy-to-update and flexible so you can test assumptions.