QXL for QuickBooks Online

QXL for QuickBooks Online

Key benefits

  • With a one-click export, you can then use your Excel skills to make custom reports tailored to your needs. Using the data in Excel you can organize data in ways not possible in QuickBooks. Visualize the data with charts, graphs and maps in Excel.
  • Merging and filtering data is easy in Excel, and our support team can help you every step of the way.
  • With one click you can export all of your QuickBooks data to SQL Server. Oracle, Sybase or any other SQL based database you prefer and update with a scheduled run timing of your choosing.

How it works with QuickBooks

QXL is the one-click solution to access all of your data from QuickBooks Online® by exporting it directly and painlessly to Excel. Once there you can use your Excel skills to create great reports and update them with one more click!


QXL Online is our one-click solution to export all of your data from QuickBooks Online® directly and painlessly to one or more Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets or the SQL database of your choosing. Use your Excel skills or your favorite SQL database to easily manipulate and filter it into any result you want and update it with a click or schedule it to run anytime. No more hassling with tools, make reports in excel that update with a single click by using QXL!

Evaluation: The product is fully functional upon download and no code is required during the first 30 days. The only restriction of the evaluation version is 100 records limit per table. Standard: Fully functional on Active subscription.

QXL Online Standard $7.95/month 1 Fully functional on Active subscription and Active CD Key. You will be able to use QXL for QuickBooks Online for the duration your Subscription is active.

Product Support: For our first level free support option, you can create a ticket at: http://support.qxl1.com For our second level (Remote/Phone) Paid support option, you can create a ticket at: http://www.qxl1.com/phsupport.htm


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Can I Export multiple QuickBooks Online Company files?
Yes, Please visit : http://support.qxl1.com for details.