Cloud Approval Workflows for Purchase Orders


ApprovalMax powers up QuickBooks Online with multi-step approval workflows for Purchase Orders. Without logging into QuickBooks Online, employees can create POs and managers can approve them.

Multi-step Approval Workflows

Purchase Orders are enabled to go through multi-step approvals including Parallel, Sequential, and Conditional flows.

Approval Matrix

An Approval Matrix allows setting up conditional approvals based on routing criteria such as Purchase Order amount, vendor, and product/service.

Purchase Order Creation

Purchase Orders can be created outside of QuickBooks Online via the ApprovalMax web or native mobile app versions.

Purchase Order Approval

Purchase Orders and all PO-related data are provided within the approval request, which can be approved in both the web and native mobile app versions.

Multi-step Approval Workflows
Approval Matrix
Purchase Order Creation
Purchase Order Approval



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ApprovalMax offers special plan for QuickBooks users

ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online 39 N/A Unlimited number of approvers, unlimited number of Purchase Orders

Email, phone and online support available

Support: +44 20 38087148

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Who can create Purchase Orders
Purchase Order requesters are defined by company administrator
Are approvers notified about new Purchase Orders?
Yes, approvers are notified by email and with push notifications
Are Purchase Orders synced to QuickBooks
Sure, approved Purchase Orders are synced to QuickBooks