The premier accounts receivable management and collection app for QBO & QBD


ARCollect enables you to manage ALL your collections activities directly from your AR aging summary: Email, make notes, save Promises to Pay, assign reasons for non-payment, and track every unpaid invoice until it is paid. Works with Online & Desktop

Dynamic AR aging summary

Save and view your collection notes and PTP's directly on your AR aging summary. Send smart payment reminders.

Collection notes

Contact your customer, make a note, and maintain a full contact history, plus date-driven follow up Action notes

Save and track customer commitments to pay

You've made contact with your customer. Your objective – secure a commitment to pay on a given date.

Smart payment reminders

Email smart payment reminders that include your customer’s Promises to Pay. The result? Faster collections, improved cash flow.

Categorize reasons for non-payment

Excuses excuses excuses – or genuine reasons for late payment? Identify and quantify reasons for delayed payment. Then take action.

Accurate cash flow forecast

Generate accurate cash flow forecasts based on customer commitments to pay. Easy to track PTP's. Always in sync with customer account data.

Dynamic AR aging summary
Collection notes
Save and track customer commitments to pay
Smart payment reminders
Categorize reasons for non-payment
Accurate cash flow forecast



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Is there a way to print an AR Aging Summary with collection notes made against each customer’s account?
Yes - ARCollect provides you with a dynamic AR Aging Summary with collection notes and Promise to Pay amounts displayed within the same page.You can instantly see the last contact date and email date on the AR Aging Summary.
Does ARCollect work with both QB Online and QB Desktop?
Yes - Both Online Desktop. Note that QB Desktop users must sign in directly from
What's different about ARCollect?
ARCollect is built on the understanding that each past due invoice has a story behind it. As the transaction volume builds, so do the stories. ARCollect categorizes those stories, making it easy to take action before the stories linked to those unpaid invoices hurt your cash flow. ARCollect makes it easy for you to keep track of each unpaid invoice until it becomes a paid invoice. It also brings a new level of intelligence and visibility that enables management to take action.
What work flow process does ARCollect enable?
Working directly from the AR aging summary, AR Collect enables you to append contact notes and Promises to Pay against the outstanding invoices per customer. You can assign reasons for late payment and quantify those reasons. You can easily email payment reminders using AR Collect’s smart-email function.