Business Importer

Import/Export lists and transactions between Excel and QuickBooks

Key benefits

  • Flexible: Import, Export and Delete ANY QuickBooks entity (Invoices, Bills, SRs, JEs, POs etc). Validate and edit data on a Preview step, run several imports in a background and save your import configs for a later use. Revert the import at any time.
  • Customizable: Use XLSX/CSV or Google Sheet (or other cloud-based files) to start. Auto-create any objects (DocNumbers, Products, Customers etc.), schedule imports and run them automatically in a background with no additional actions on your side.
  • Affordable: We have several plans to meet the needs of our users. Choose a preferable one and make unlimited imports and exports, add sub-users and companies to your BI account within the regular plan or build your own plan according to your specials

How it works with QuickBooks

Business Importer setup takes several seconds and does not need additional configurations to be done. Just connect the app with your QuickBooks company and start your imports and exports as it is ready-to-go.


An essential time-saving solution for your Business. Seamlessly Import, Export, and Delete transactions in your QuickBooks Online company in a mostly automated way! A wide range of additional settings allows you to tailor the process in accordance with your needs. We provide an absolutely free trial plan to test all the features and confirm that our app worth being added to your preferred apps list!



Terms and Conditions
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Plans start at $10/month
14-n days Free Trial
No Credit Card Required

Trial Free 1 Limited to 50 rows per import and 100 total transactions or lists from Single Company. The ideal plan to test out app. Available for 14 days only.
Single $10 per month 1 Unlimited imports from Single Company. The ideal plan for small businesses. Each additional user cost $5
(2 to 5 companies)
up to $40 per month 1 $8 per company, per month. Unlimited imports for each company. The ideal plan for small businesses and accountants. Each additional user cost $5
(40 companies)
$65 per month 4 Unlimited imports for each company. The ideal plan for professional accountants with many customers on Intuit QuickBooks. Each additional user cost $5.
Export functionality $100 - one time fee 1 Export functionality is billed separately. 3 exports with 50 entities in each can be done without purchase for testing.

Contact us with any issues you have

(469) 629-7891
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Is my data secure?
Yes, we use SSL to encrypt all request between you and our server and we do not store ANY data that you import via excel files
What QuickBooks entities you allow to import?
Invoice, Sales Receipt, Products And Services, Journal Entry, Payment, Purchase Order, Account, Bill, Bill Payment, Cash Purchase, Check, Credit Card Charge, Credit Memo, Customer, Deposit, Employee, Estimate, Time Activity, Transfer, Vendor, Vendor Credit