B2BGateway Connect for QuickBooks Online

EDI connected directly to your QuickBooks Online


We provide a fully-integrated EDI solution for QuickBooks Online users through a web-based user interface.

Connecting to QuickBooks Online with B2BGateway

Using QuickBooks Online API we connect your QuickBooks Online account with your account with B2BGateway. This connection allows us to push and pull EDI documents as needed.

Authorizing Intuit to Connect to B2BGateway

This screen will authorize Intuit QuickBooks Online to connect to B2BGateway. This allows us to push and pull EDI documents into and out of your QuickBooks Online as needed.

Export History

This is a look at all the EDI documents that have been exported by B2BGateway from your QuickBooks Online.

Import History

This is a look at all the EDI documents that have been imported by B2BGateway to your QuickBooks Online.

Partner List

This is a look at all of the EDI partners that have been setup on the B2BGateway EDI system connected to your QuickBooks Online account.

Sending EDI

Screen shot of sending EDI documents from your QuickBooks Online using B2BGateway.

Connecting to QuickBooks Online with B2BGateway
Authorizing Intuit to Connect to B2BGateway
Export History
Import History
Partner List
Sending EDI



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Plans start from $99/month. Our sales staff will help get you the plan that fits your needs.Request a Quote

Standard Pricing Starting at $99/month 50 This pricing is based on monthly transactions to your Trading Partners.

We have 24/7 emergency support available through phone, e-mail, and our Client Portal.


(401) 491-9595x4
Online support:


What transactions are supported by your app?
We support all transactions that are available in QuickBooks Online.
How much is your service?
B2BGateway charges a $300 upfront fee to setup your organization in our system. An additional $300 setup fee is assessed (not upfront) for each trading partner you wish to connect to. Service and support starts as low as $89 / month. We have two pricing plans so please call 401-491-9595 x5 or email Sales@B2BGateway.Net for more information.
How much time does it take to get setup.
Once the contract is signed and all paperwork is completed, we will schedule a Kickoff Meeting and assign you a project manager at B2BGateway. The normal setup time is about 4-6 weeks from when we receive the first valid test file from your trading partner. This time frame varies based on complexity of setup and availability. Please call to discuss your specific scenario.
Do I have to re-type the data into a web page?
Absolutely not! B2BGateway's EDI solutions for QuickBooks Online is a fully-integrated and fully-managed solution. Your orders are simply and automatically import into QuickBooks. Invoices, are automatically extracted from QuickBooks. We take care of getting all of your transactions to and from your trading partner.