Import Receipts and Statements from The Home Depot into QuickBooks

Key benefits

  • HammerZen’s ability to quickly and simply connect your QuickBooks and Pro Xtra statements is one of the best features by far. Rather than spending hours typing each details, you can effortless integrate all of your The Home Depot receipts.
  • Increase the accuracy of your reports: While automating the data entry process, HammerZen also eliminates any errors (including duplicates) that may be caused by manual data entry. Enables you to assess job and property estimation and job costing.
  • Create a smoother, more simplified workflow for everybody: By making your routine data entry effortless (and paperless), you can easily boost your profits. You rid yourself of the tiresome, grueling processes and skyrocketing your teams productivity.

How it works with QuickBooks

HammerZen becomes a link for your Home Depot Pro program and your QuickBooks Online account so that you can automatically import all of your The Home Depot receipts and statements and important information into QuickBooks. You can review your Home Depot purchases, get accurate reports anywhere, anytime, and analyze your business’ performance with just a few clicks. You can enter the purchases as a bill, check or credit card charge. Giving you the ability to set your own rules for jobs, class, and create products and services on the go to track inventory.


HammerZen eliminates the manual data entry process so that your company can save time and money where it counts. Offering sophisticated and smart features and overall artificially intelligent software, this app is designed to streamline various processes, simplify your workflow, and boost your profits. Dedicated to providing an easy, successful experience for all of its users, the HammerZen team offers unlimited help and support.

Free Trial

FREE 30-day trial of HammerZen Free 1 You and your team can try HammerZen free for 30 days. There is no contract to sign and no credit card is required for your free trial.
HammerZen $20/month 5 HammerZen imports The Home Depot credit card charges, credits and debits into QuickBooks.
HammerZen for ProAdvisor FREE Account for Life 1 Accounting professionals get a free HammerZen account and access to our referral program and more! Please sign up at https://hammerzen.com/partner-program/
HammerZen Support C 800-838-4936 N/A Unlimited support by chat, email, phone and text.

If you need additional details, please email us at support@hammerzen.com or call us 1-800-838-4936. Free unlimited support available Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm EST.


Online support:


How to connect my QuickBooks Online file?
Once you're signed in to HammerZen's website, click on Account Settings > QuickBooks menu (provided on right top). Click on Connect QuickBooks button. From there, enter your Intuit credentials, select the company, and authorize our app to access your data.
How to import HomeDepot expenses to QuickBooks Online file?
Sign in to HammerZen account, (make sure you have configured QuickBooks Online file), select the spreadsheet file (downloaded from HomeDepot website), and follow the instructions to map/create accounts, items and so on. Finally, create a Bill/Check/Credit Card transaction in your QuickBooks Online file.
The Home Depot does not sponsor or endorse this product and is not in any way affiliated with HammerZen, Inc. THE HOME DEPOT®, PRO XTRA®, and TEXT2CONFIRM® are a registered trademarks of Home Depot Product Authority, LLC