Rewind Backups

Safe, Easy to Use, Backups for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Key benefits

  • Get peace of mind knowing your QuickBooks Online accounts are automatically backed up. Immediately undo mistakes or unwanted changes, recover deleted items, or rewind your entire account to an earlier time.
  • Our mission is to help you quickly recover from any problem with your QuickBooks Online data. Our Customer Success Team is here to support you over phone, in-app chat, and email.
  • Rewind is the #1 rated backup app in the Shopify app store and BigCommerce app store, with over 600 positive reviews. The same great service that helps thousands of SMBs protect their data every day is now available for QuickBooks Online.

How it works with QuickBooks

Link one or all the QuickBooks Online accounts you manage to Rewind. A full backup automatically begins for your account(s). All future changes in your QuickBooks Online account(s) get backed up within 5 minutes. You can access all your backups inside the Rewind Vault.


Get more control over your accounting data. Insure hours of work by automatically backing up your QuickBooks Online account(s). Undo changes or restore your entire account when needed. From the creators of the top-rated backup app for Shopify and BigCommerce.

Rewind is designed for QuickBooks users, bookkeepers and accountants backing up multiple companies. Prices in USD.

Rewind for QuickBooks Online $10 / month for 1 account, $5 / month / account for > 1 account N/A Includes all features. $10 / month for a single account or $5 / month per account for multiple accounts..

Since 2015, the Rewind team has been dedicated to backing up cloud services and helping customers quickly recover after a data loss. If you have any problems with your account data or with Rewind, you can call us at 1-855-REWIND-IT and speak to a real person.

Online support:


If QuickBooks Online is in the cloud, why do I need a backup?
Cloud services like QuickBooks Online get backed up to be able to recover the entire platform after a disaster. For example, if a natural disaster compromised their servers. This is a disaster recovery backup. Disaster recovery backups are not accessible to you or Intuit’s support team if something goes wrong in your individual account. That’s why Rewind automatically backs up and gives you access to your own account backups.
How do I restore a QuickBooks Online backup?
There are three ways to restore a backup with Rewind: Restore a single item or change back to a previous state, like an undo button. Rewind the entire account to a specific time. Restore your backup to a new QuickBooks Online account. (coming late 2018)
What does Rewind for QuickBooks Online backup?
TRANSACTIONS: Bills, Bill Payments, Credit Memos, Deposits, Estimates, Invoices, Journal Entries, Payments, Purchases, Purchase Orders, Refund Receipts, Sales Receipts, Time Activities, Transfers, Vendors. LISTS: Accounts, Classes, Customers, Departments, Employees (except SSN field), Items, Journal Codes (France only), Payment Methods, Terms, Vendors. OTHER: Attachments, Budgets, Currencies, Tax Agencies, Tax Codes, Tax Rates, Preferences.
What does Rewind backup for QuickBooks Online?
At this time, Rewind for QuickBooks Online does NOT backup and/or rewind the following items: Company Info, Entitlements, Exchange Rates, QuickBooks Online Payments API, and Payroll. The QuickBooks Online API does not grant permissions to app developers to access this data. Since we don’t have access to it, performing a rewind on your account will not affect any of this data. We are actively working with Intuit to improve Rewind’s functionality for you.