Bento For Business

Instantly control and track employee expenses from anywhere.

Key benefits

  • POWERFUL 24/7 CONTROLS - Set flexible limits on what, when, and how much each employee can buy. Turn cards ON/OFF with one tap on your smartphone. Changes activate immediately, and unauthorized cards/purchases will be declined.
  • STREAMLINED EXPENSE MANAGEMENT - Plan your monthly spend with automatic fund deposits. Easily allocate and track budget for each card or employee. View and export statements and invoices with one click.
  • REAL-TIME DATA AT YOUR FINGERTIP - Access Bento’s live dashboard anytime to track your expenses, and set important mobile alerts. View all info for each transaction in one place, and filter by card, customized tags, categories, status, etc.

How it works with QuickBooks

We've got you covered! All transactions—and their corresponding receipts, tags and notes—automatically sync from Bento to QuickBooks Online everyday. Even better, any change you add later on will also sync to the right place in QuickBooks.


Trusted by 1000s of small businesses in the US, Bento’s prepaid MasterCard® and online employee expense management platform will save you time, money, and a whole lot of headache. Petty cash and paper checks are replaced by trackable expense cards with flexible spend limits. Bento also gives you clear and up-to-date insights on employee expenses. You can easily view and manage transactions and receipts, which also automatically sync to QuickBooks Online. Bento is available on both desktop and smartphone.

Bento Pricing - Start Your 60-Day Free Trial

Starter Free 2 Up to 2 Cards/Admins. No annual fees or hidden fees. Hassle-free.
Team $29 / month 10 Up to 10 Cards/Admins. No annual fees or hidden fees. Hassle-free. Full access to support.
Professional $69 / month 20 Up to 20 Cards/Admins. No annual fees or hidden fees. Hassle-free. Full access to support.
Enterprise $149 / month 30 More than 20 Cards/Admins. No annual fees or hidden fees. Hassle-free. Full access to support.

You can count on Bento for excellent support. Our QuickBooks customers rave about our support team, as measured by our NPS and reviews. We are here to help answer all your questions and get you set up, whether you are a new business or switching from another payment card. Join the thousands of businesses that love Bento in all 50 States.

Online support:


What is the process of signing up and using Bento?
It takes 5 minutes to sign up on our website, and you could be approved on the same day. Bento never asks for credit checks. We start you off with a 60-day free trial, after which you can select the best monthly plan for your business. There are no overdraft fees or reload fees associated with using your Bento cards, and our Starter Plan is always free!
What types of businesses use Bento, and what do they use Bento for?
Business owners, bookkeepers and financial professionals from all kinds of businesses use Bento to save money and time on their variable expenses, including construction, cleaning, property management, healthcare, fleet/transportation and IT.
Since Bento is a prepaid card, can I automatically reload funds into the account?
You can choose Periodic Reload or Low Balance Reload, or both: Periodic Reload automatically reloads funds to your Bento account at a chosen frequency. Low Balance Reload automatically reload funds to your Bento account when your available balance falls below a certain amount that you choose.
Can I set up real-time alerts with Bento, based on my own triggers?
Bento offers the most comprehensive and customized alerting tool in the industry. Additionally, Bento alerts are 2-way, so recipients can respond to alerts directly to take action rather than having to sign in to the app repeatedly to take any action.