Bitcoin Sync by Blockpath

Sync Bitcoin transactions + capital gains reports into QuickBooks

Key benefits

  • Bring together your Bitcoin accounting and traditional accounting to make tracking your finances easier. Monitor your balances, transactions, and ongoing capital gains earnings from directly inside your QuickBooks account.
  • You'll get your Bitcoin transactions sorted directly into your QuickBooks Online every hour, complete with your notes and the exchange rate at the time of transaction for tax purposes.
  • Simplify and save money during tax season. All-in-one product gives you your capital gains report for all Bitcoin transactions during the year.

How it works with QuickBooks

We create accounts in your Chart of Accounts for each Bitcoin address/xPub. Transactions are automatically created in the account when they occur, with the exchange rate attached. For outgoing transactions, the app also records the capital gain/loss in an income account.


Blockpath syncs Bitcoin transactions into QuickBooks to make your accounting simpler. Provide us your Bitcoin addresses or xPubs, sort them into groups, and then relax. We will create all your transactions inside QuickBooks, along with records of your ongoing capital gains obligations. The app automatically recognizes payments from clients/mining, exchange sale conversions, and transfers between your addresses. You don't have to worry if the data is correct, we provide reconcile tools that show you every transaction on the blockchain and within QuickBooks, and can automatically repair any discrepancies quickly.


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Standard $15/mo N/A More than 3 months commitment
Short Term $20/mo N/A Less than 3 months

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What tax accounting method does Blockpath use?
We use FIFO combined across all addresses you provide to us. If you need a different accounting method, send us a message and we can work to support it.
What changes will Blockpath make to my QuickBooks?
All the changes we make are contained within a few accounts created in the Chart of Accounts. You can view a log of every change we make from within the app also. If you are not satisfied, our data can easily be deleted with tools in the app, or from QuickBooks as well.
What cryptocurrencies are supported?
Right now, only Bitcoin (BTC) is supported. Other currencies are being implemented soon, please send us a message on which currencies you would like to use!
What Bitcoin address+pubkey formats are supported?
We support regular P2PKH addresses ('1...'), P2SH and P2SH SegWit addresses ('3...'), Bech32 Segwit ('bc1...'), and BIP32 pubkeys ('xpub/ypub/zpub...'). If you need support for a particular derivation path of your xpub, send us a message and it can be implemented quickly.