Boomr Mobile Time Tracking

#1 Real-time employee time tracking w/ GPS for service businesses.

Key benefits

  • Built for mobile workforces and distributed teams. Our app has powerful location-based GPS built in, so you know where your employees are working. Plus, the app interface is so intuitive that it becomes a normal part of your employee’s workday.
  • One-click onboarding and a modern, easy-to-use interface means no training is required. Boomr takes no more than a few minutes to set up. And, when you add employees we’ll automatically text and email them an invite code to join your account.
  • 35,000+ service businesses use Boomr to track employee time and most of these customers report saving tens of thousands of dollars annually. Our Overtime Watch tool will alert you when employees are close to approaching the costly overtime threshold.

How it works with QuickBooks

Our sole purpose is to make your life easier. Hours that are tracked with Boomr’s mobile app are sent into an easy-to-understand management web dashboard in real-time. From there, you and your managers can easily review, edit and approve shifts for payroll and billing. Plus, with our seamless integration you can send hours directly into your QuickBooks Online account with the click of a button and our Projects feature let’s you manage jobs according to your budget. Sign up today for a 30-day risk-free trial and let us prove to you that we're the top choice in the QuickBooks Online ecosystem.


The #1 real-time employee time tracking software for small businesses. If your business has employees working on-the-go, Boomr is the best way to track time and keep everyone connected. Our free iOS and Android mobile apps track employee work time accurately and show you where your team is working on a map. Track job costing, manage overtime proactively and send hours to QuickBooks Online with the click of a button. Boomr is the friendly, automated, mobile time tracking solution preferred by service companies and their employees.



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Single user $4 1 This plan is available for single user accounts.
Standard $4/user Unlimited This plan is available for customers who are interested in our Standard Tier features.
Business $7.20/user Unlimited This plan is available for customers who are interested in our Standard Tier features and Business Tier Features.
Enterprise Custom Unlimited This plan is available for enterprise customers.
Enterprise API Custom Unlimited This plan is available for enterprise customers who want a custom technology solution.

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What is the difference between the mobile app and the management dashboard?
The basic structure of the Boomr product is as follows: There is a mobile app that employees use to track their time, and there is a management dashboard that managers and owners use to review that time, make edits and run reports.