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Mobile time tracking, overtime and real-time communication for Employees!


Learn Why 30,000+ Employers Trust Boomr: GPS Capabilities, Automated Reminders, Overtime Tracking, Financial Reporting, Project Tracking and so much more!

Connect Your Team

Our time card app collects GPS location, tracks time, monitors projects and keeps you synced with your employees. This allows you to make informed operating decisions to save money, time and headaches.

Automate Your Workforce

Text, email and in-app reminders and notifications mean no one ever forgets to take a break or clock in or out for work. GPS powered reminders provide accountability to check employees in when they arrive on location.

Know Your Data

Each work shift is automatically documented in our time clock app to ensure that your workforce is running efficiently and at optimal productivity. With actionable reporting your time, labor and project data are always available and easily accessible.

Empower Your Employees

When team members are equipped with the tools to become self-sufficient, they can review their shifts and stay organized on a day-to-day basis. This can save you time and money therefore preventing wasted administrative overhead costs.

Grow Your Business

Time is a business owner’s most valuable asset, so we have created easy-to-use tools to maximize workforce management so that you can focus on expanding your company and reaching more customers.

Connect Your Team
Automate Your Workforce
Know Your Data
Empower Your Employees



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Single user $7/month 1 This plan is available for single user accounts.
Standard $7/user/month + $20 base 2 This plan is available for customers who are interested in our Standard Tier features.
Business $12/user/month + $45 base 2 This plan is available for customers who are interested in our Standard Tier features and Business Tier Features.
Enterprise Custom Configuration 150 This plan is available for Enterprise customers.
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What is the difference between the mobile app and the management dashboard?
The basic structure of the Boomr product is as follows: There is a mobile app that employees use to track their time, and there is a management dashboard that managers and owners use to review that time, make edits and run reports.