Bottom Line

Ask Alexa for your QuickBooks data!

Key benefits

  • Just ask Alexa for your QuickBooks numbers! "Bottom Line" on Alexa allows you to ask for your Sales, Profit, Expenses, Deposits, A/R, and more! After the easy setup, you'll always be able to ask Alexa for your QuickBooks Online data...

How it works with QuickBooks

Simply enable the "Bottom Line" Alexa Skill, link it with your QuickBooks Online account, and then JUST ASK Alexa! The integration is automatic once you've linked Alexa to QuickBooks Online.


Enable the "Bottom Line" Alexa Skill and say: "Alexa, Open Bottom Line". You will get the key numbers in your QuickBooks dashboard: Sales, Expenses, Income, Accounts Receivable, Deposits, etc. --- You hear a Voice Briefing of your QuickBooks information, *AND* it's CUSTOMIZABLE to make it say whatever you want it to say! Give it some flair when you get your sales numbers!

14 day free trial, no credit card required, $29/mo.

Alexa "Bottom Line" $29/mo 3 "Bottom Line" on Alexa gives you all your key dashboard figures (Sales, Income, Expenses, Deposits, A/R) by Date Ranges

"Bottom Line" (Alexa Skill for QuickBooks Online) is powered by, and supported by Voice Metrics LLC. Contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Online support:


What information can I ask Alexa for?
You can get the following numbers: Sales, Net Income, Expenses, Deposits, all by various date ranges (today, yesterday, last week, last month, this month, this year, etc.). You can also get your current Accounts Receivable.
Who can use Alexa to get my QuickBooks Online data?
Only users that connect the Bottom Line Alexa Skill using an administer-level account with your QuickBooks Online account will be able to retrieve numbers via Alexa.
How do I pay for the service after the Trial Period?
You will get a voice prompt (by Alexa) at the appropriate time, asking you to subscribe, and you can simply respond with "Yes", and your Amazon account will be used for billing purposes.