Buddy Punch Employee Time Clock

Simple employee time tracking from anywhere


Buddy Punch allows your employees to track their time from anywhere. Streamline your payroll with our QuickBooks Online integration and finish mistake free in minutes. No more paper, messy spreadsheets, or manual calculations.

Easy to use Dashboard

Find out who is punched in and out, and act on any requests from your employees in an easy to use dashboard. No confusing options or dated look, everything is easy to use and easy to find.

Looks great on mobile devices

iPhone and Android compatible, looks great on any device. We have Google Chrome and Android apps available if you need to use them, however Buddy Punch is responsive and looks great on any size screen and any sized device.

Reports & Excel

We have several reporting options, use just one or use them all. We support Excel or PDF format. We have a Payroll Export, an Hours Summary, hours by day, in and out activity, a PTO summary and a detailed report that an employee can print off for their own use.


Add in PTO or have your employees request it directly (so you can approve it). We support Sick, Vacation, Personal and Holiday.


Get notified when your time cards are ready for download or when your employees request a change to their cards. Nothing you need to setup, it just works!

Simple integration with QuickBooks Online

Buddy Punch reads employee information from QuickBooks to sync with your Buddy Punch employees and seamlessly sends the hours from Buddy Punch to QuickBooks Online so there's no manual entry.

Easy to use Dashboard
Looks great on mobile devices
Reports & Excel
Simple integration with QuickBooks Online

30 Day FREE Trial. "We tried the rest, we went with the best..." ~ D. Brewer

1-9 Employees $29 per month 9 Up to 9 active employees. Administrators are free, no extra fees or contracts.
10-19 Employees $49 per month 19 Up to 19 active employees. Administrators are free, no extra fees or contracts.
20-29 Employees $69 per month 29 Up to 29 active employees. Administrators are free, no extra fees or contracts.
30-49 Employees $99 per month 49 Up to 49 active employees. Administrators are free, no extra fees or contracts.
50-69 Employees $139 per month 69 Up to 69 active employees. Administrators are free, no extra fees or contracts.

We offer fast and knowledgeable support, most requests are answered within hours (not days). We have a small and dedicated team that knows the entire system. You won't be talking to an answering service or a level 1 customer service agent, you'll be talking to staff who can answer your questions the first time.

Support: (773) 309-1624
Online: http://buddypunch.com/support/

Check out the most frequently asked questions below: Expand all
What is included in each plan?
The only difference in plans are the number of active employees you can have. All plans include: Web Cam Integration, IP & Time Stamping, 128-bit AES Security, iPhone and Android compatibility, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, Time Card Approvals, Reports, Flexible Pay Periods, Manual Time Entry, and the QR Code Login Option.
How does the free trial work?
You can sign up and use Buddy Punch and all of the features for 30 days. There is no credit card required for the first 30 days. If you want to continue after 30 days just add in your credit card information. There are no terms or contracts, cancel any time.
Do you have iPhone and Android apps?
Yes, Buddy Punch is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store so your employees can track time on their mobile devices.
Does Buddy Punch track sick and vacation time?
Yes, Buddy Punch can be use to track Paid Time Off (PTO) so your employees can record their time off hours and you can run reports for total PTO hours.