Cashflow Frog

Get automatic cashflow forecasting for your business within seconds


Are you worried about your business's cash flow?
Get automatic cash flow forecasting for your business within seconds.
Track your performance and plan ahead!

How it works?

1.Cash Flow Frog integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks Online.
2.Our system automatically analyzes your data and generates your cash flow forecast.
3.That's all, now you can view your financial performance and forecast. It's as simple as that.


Your business is dynamic therefore it's so hard to keep track of all your financial activity.
Finally you will get a clear view into your cash flow.
Understand what you are spending your money on.
Plan which bills to pay and Invoices to collect.


No need spending hours of work preparing graphs and analyzing spreadsheets.
Always up to date with your QuickBooks online.
Easily edit amounts, dates or add comments.
Never get caught off-guard.

Built for business owners

We know how much work is needed to run a business, so we built a functional and intuitive tool for you.

How it works?


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How far ahead can I plan?
Currently you can plan the next 12 month.
Which browser should I use?
We recommend using Google Chrome for the best user experience.
Do you offer discounts for accountants?
Yes, please contact us for accountants/ financial advisers’ packages