A simple-to-use analytics and reporting tool that does your data 'dirty work'.

Key benefits

  • No more ‘dirty work’. Eliminates the frustrating process of getting answers from your QuickBooks data. No more exporting data, fumbling through spreadsheets, manual calculations, or complex business intelligence tools. Now, all you have to do is ask!
  • Empowers better business decision making. Easy access to insights from data, such as having a better handle on monthly costs, can mean the difference between bankruptcy and increasing profit.
  • Increases your value. Accountants and bookkeepers get the insights, time savings and reporting capability they need to go from number crunchers to trusted advisors or CFO’s for hire.

How it works with QuickBooks connects directly to your QuickBooks data within seconds. From there you simply ask questions, much like texting, and gets you immediate answers. You can ask an endless amount of questions. Examples include:

  • Which service brings in the most revenue?
  • Show me invoices from the last two weeks.
  • What were my expenses last month?
  • Average days to pay per customer.
  • Compare total sales per product for the last three months.


Other benefits of include:

  • Customize, auto-generate and share reports in a few clicks.
  • No learning curve. Easy cloud access.
  • Easily invite new users, such as your client or bookkeeper, to interact and share.
  • Get answers on-the-go with your mobile app (coming soon!).
  • is free. Try our Premium features free for 14-days.



Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy is free. Try our Premium features with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required. We bill in CAD, USD, GBP, or AUD currencies. ***ProAdvisor pricing is available***

Free $0 Unlimited Connects directly to your data, unlimited queries, mobile access on-demand charting and graphing, collaborate with multiple users within your organization + accountant or bookkeeper gets shared access to your account.
Premium $20 / month 1 Upgrade to premium and receive access to: Saving your favourite queries with pins; share, export and save reports; auto-generate regular reports with Templates; and customize reporting templates for specific needs.

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How do I connect to QuickBooks Online
Connecting to your QuickBooks Online data source is simple:
1. Complete your registration and log in to
2. Select “Connect Data Source” from left menu.
3. Name your data source.
4. Select the organization that the data source belongs to (i.e Client X, or the name of your company).
5. Click “Connect to QuickBooks”.
What questions can I ask
You can ask an endless amount of questions and we are constantly training our system with more. We keep an updated list of Query Tips on our website for your reference: