Organize your business so you can work less and DO more!


Route automatically, schedule automatically and know which customers, jobs and employees are profitable. Synchronizing effortlessly with QuickBooks, PRO Landscape and more, this web-based software finally brings all aspects of your company together!

Automatic Scheduling

CLIP is one of the only software providers that uses dynamic scheduling. The value of dynamic scheduling is that it works in conjunction with the delays that are bound to happen in any service business. With CLIPitc those delays happen and you don’t even have to think twice!

Simple Profitability

Keeping your business profitable is easier than ever! You’ll know how much profit each employee or job is either making or losing at any point in time, wherever you are! At the end of the year you’ll know exactly who to send a new contract and who to send a box of chocolate.

Extensive Reports

In order to be successful you need to not only keep track of exactly where your company stands, but where each customer stands and even each job. CLIPitc provides you with numerous reports that clearly present vital information about every aspect of your company.

Some of our most popular reports are:
-Job Costing
-Customer Source
-Employee Efficiency

Organized Customers

Organization is the key to efficiency and CLIPitc brings optimum organization to every part of your customer’s information. CLIPitc shows you every service you’ve done for the customer before, where they are now, and what you’ll do next, bringing past, present and future to one, easily-accessible screen.

Reliable Tasks

Making sure something gets done is easy and simple with our task management system. Assign a task to either an employee or yourself, post a due date and it will automatically show up on the day its due. Have an employee that wouldn’t log in everyday? Save the risk and email it straight from the same screen!


CLIPitc is more than just a software; it is an entire team of people dedicated to delivering you tools that can make your business profitable. It is our goal to provide you with resources that go beyond organization and bring you real success.

Automatic Scheduling
Simple Profitability
Extensive Reports
Organized Customers
Reliable Tasks

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Basic $20/Month 1 Up to 40 Properties,Unlimited Email Support,Links to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.
Plus $50/Month 2 Up to 400 Customers, Unlimited Email, Phone, and Chat Support, Links to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, Includes Routing Optimization.
Enterprise $80/Month 4 Unlimited Customers, Unlimited Email, Phone, and Chat Support, Links to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, Includes Routing Optimization, KIA License.

We are eager to help you with whatever we can! That's why we offer free in-site and email support. We also offer unlimited phone and chat support to our Plus and Enterprise users at no additional cost!


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Do you require a credit card for the FREE plan?
Nope! The FREE plan is completely free with no obligation to continue.
What if I need more than the included number of users?
Any additional users can be added to either the Plus or Enterprise packages for an additional $12-$15/Month.
Do I lose any of my information when I upgrade?
All of your information will remain just as it is when you change subscriptions. That way, if you are just starting out, you can begin with the free version and upgrade as your business grows.