ClockShark Time Tracking

Easy GPS time tracking and scheduling for mobile workforces!


You’re sick of messy time sheets. But you need accurate time tracking. So it’s time you met ClockShark. For companies with a mobile workforce who want to get rid of paper time sheets, ClockShark makes payroll and scheduling quick and accurate.

Track Workers in Real Time Using Smartphone-Based GPS

Our cloud and smartphone-based mobile time clock system uses the latest mobile app and GPS technology (GPSTrak™) to automate time tracking in a simple, easy to use way that both your field and office staff will love.

Works Accross All Devices

Mobile apps are available for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Mobile. You can login to the web-based administration dashboard from any computer from anywhere. Since virtually any device can be used to capture time from the field, you won't need to purchase any special hardware. You can use the devices your people already carry.

Schedule Your Employees

Use the web-based drag and drop scheduler to easily schedule your employees for work. Your employees get the schedule updates instantly on their mobile device, so when it's time to show up for work they'll know where and when to show up, plus what job to clock in to.

Reports in real-time

Get real-time reporting on what's going on in the field. Now you can stop wondering about where everyone is and how much they're working. Print PDF time card and job site reports or export the data in CSV/Excel format. See who's working now in real-time via your dashboard. Ahh, it's good to feel in charge again.

Integrates with QuickBooks Online

Easily sync your QuickBooks Online Jobs, Customers and Service Items with ClockShark. Then your workers can easily track time to them. Review and edit your time activities then export them to QuickBooks Online in 30 seconds with the click of a button!

CrewClock™ Feature

With CrewClock™ a supervisor can clock in and out for other crew members from the mobile app. Now you can easily track time for all of your workers or subs, even ones that do not carry smartphones. No more crumpled up, messy paper time cards for you!

Track Workers in Real Time Using Smartphone-Based GPS
Works Accross All Devices
Schedule Your Employees
Reports in real-time
Integrates with QuickBooks Online
CrewClock™ Feature


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Free 14-day trial. No credit card required. Simple pricing at $5/employee per month.

Small Business $5/month per employee plus $25 monthly base fee per account 1 Includes all features
Midsize and Large Business Call (800) 828-0689 30 Includes all features. Midsize and Large Businesses qualify for discounted per employee pricing. Please call (800) 828-0689 to speak with a representative.

Fast email and phone support included with all plans at no additional cost.


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How many employees can I track time for with ClockShark?
You can track as many employees as you want. There is no upper limit on the number of employees. ClockShark is designed to work well for small or large construction companies with as few as 1-3 employees all the way up to hundreds of employees.
Will I be able to see GPS info on all time clock punches?
GPS info is available for most punches from the smartphone apps as long as GPS is enabled on the smartphone. It is not available for punches made from the web. That shouldn't be a big deal, since you should ask your mobile employees to clock in using the smartphone app, not the website. The website is intended for office-based staff to use for system administration as well as punching in and out.
If employees disable GPS on their smartphone settings, will I be alerted?
There is currently no feature to alert you to employees who disable GPS on their smartphone. However, you will see their punches coming into your dashboard without GPS data, so you can easily spot these employees and ask them to leave GPS turned on. If GPS is switched off, the mobile app also prompts your employees to switch it back on.
Is ClockShark 100% accurate?
No time tracking solution is 100% accurate, but ClockShark comes pretty darned close technically. Time is recorded to the nearest minute and is not rounded. The system is designed to be difficult to manipulate, so employers can rest easy knowing that any times received in their dashboard are most likely very accurate.