Concur Travel and Expense

Easy expense management for small businesses on the go!


Automatically create expense reports from credit card charges and TripIt travel itineraries. Seamlessly sync your expenses with QuickBooks. Capture receipts, reimburse employees and get on with business. Do it all online, or go mobile!

Automatic QuickBooks Integration

Concur automatically collects all Account Codes, Customers, items, Jobs and Classes, Vendor Records and Employee Records directly from QuickBooks. When it’s time to enter Expense Types, Cost Tracking and User Information into Concur, simply select from the labels taken straight from QuickBooks. Updating QuickBooks is just as simple. Concur uses QuickBooks Web Connector to automatically transfer data back into QuickBooks desktop and has a direct sync with QuickBooks online.

Free TripIt Travel Integration

Each user receives a free TripIt Pro account, turning Concur into a complete travel and expense management solution. Simply forward travel confirmation emails to and TripIt compiles all the details into a master trip plan. At the end of your trip, simply click to create an expense report from that trip plan.

Free mobile app for Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone® or iPad®

Concur® for Mobile complements our Web based solution, allowing you to manage anything expense and or travel related, wherever you are. Capturing receipts and submitting expense reports, your smartphone can do it all with Concur:

Electronic Receipt Capture

No more paper receipts. No more mistakes. Simply snap a picture of your cash or credit card receipt with your smartphone camera and upload. Concur captures the receipt and attaches it to your expense report for completely paperless accounting. The best part is, your electronically captured receipts are completely IRS compliant.

Automatically Import Credit Card Charges

Credit card integration with Concur is easy, safe, and quick to set up. Streamline the expense reporting process and ensure expense policy compliance by automatically sending credit card charges straight to your expense reports. Your information is kept safe with state-of-the-art data encryption.

Save money. Gain control.

People want to do the right thing when it comes to filing expenses, but sometimes they don’t know what the right thing is. That's where an expense policy comes in.

Automatic QuickBooks Integration
Free TripIt Travel Integration
Free mobile app for Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone® or iPad®
Electronic Receipt Capture
Automatically Import Credit Card Charges
Save money. Gain control.



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Free 30-day Trial $8.00/user per month 100 Our pricing applies to any number of users to suit your company's needs no matter how many users you have

If you have questions please email us at and find out why people are raving about our support. You can also call (888) 811-2036.


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Who is Concur for?
Concur is for any company looking for a quick and easy way to integrate and set up an automated expense management process. It's accessible via a PC or mobile device, and comes with embedded reporting features.
How do I convert my free trial to a monthly subscription?
Simply click the subscribe button in the upper-right hand corner of the Concur application. If you don’t subscribe prior to the end of your free trial period, you will receive an email from Concur notifying you that your trial has come to an end. The email will also contain a few simple steps to continue receiving your subscription.
Where do I get set-up assistance if I need it?
Concur has an easy to use, self-guided Setup Wizard that guides you through the set-up process. Once you sign up for your free trial, you will also receive an email from the Concur support team, asking you to join a webinar to get your specific question answered. A designated person from the Concur support team will be assigned so you can call that person any time you have any questions.
Can I try Concur on both my desktop and SmartPhone during the trial period?
Yes. Simply log into Concur and navigate to "My Account". Once there, you will be able to create your mobile PIN. Once you have your PIN you can log in to Concur service on your Smartphone, enter your user name and PIN and you're ready to create and manage your expense accounts while on the road. Because TripIt Pro is now integrated with Concur, you'll be able to manage your travel plans in the Cloud, and populate your expense reports with itinerary data.