Easy to use CRM: Lead management and pipeline management

Key benefits

  • Never lose sight of a lead. Track easily, and see activity per sales rep. Manage your sales pipeline in a couple of clicks. Clear and meaningful - designed to boost your sales. Keep your notes in one a great readable and accessible format.

How it works with QuickBooks

Pipeline123 gets you organized, and makes it easier to manage your sales pipeline. Make and share notes via your PC or mobile device, manage your contacts, track your deals, and get complete pipeline visibility instantly.


Lead and prospect management, combined with sales pipeline management. Make notes and maintain a complete notes history per lead or customer. Manage your sales pipeline - track leads by user, and instantly see the status of each deal from inception to close.



Terms and Conditions
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$14.95 for the first 3 users. $5.95 per additional user.

1 - 3 users $14.95 3 Full access, no restrictions, all features enabled.
Additional users $5.95 per user 4 Additional users are free of charge for the first 6 months of use.

Price includes full support for all users - technical issues, and product related.


1 844 755 8579
Online support:


Are there any limitations imposed on the 30 day free trial?
No limits – you and any number of users have complete and full access to all the functionality of the system.No credit card details required. After the free trial it costs $14.95pm for the first 3 users. After that, $5.95 per additional user (additional users are free for the first 6 months) You can cancel at anytime.
Does Pipeline123 work with QuickBooks Desktop?
Yes - any year from 2002 - 2018, and any version, including Premier, Pro, Enterprise
DoesPipeline123 have a mobile app?
Pipeline123 is a web app, which means you can sign in via any browser on any device - PC, Tablet or SmartPhone (Chrome, Safari, Explorer or Firefox). Because SimpleCRM is specifically designed for mobile devices, you get the best user interface on a smart phone, and a PC too. And no need to install or download any apps from the app store!
Does Simple CRM leave out any functionality in the name of simplicity?
Simple CRM does not support email marketing campaigns, and it does not track your emails. SimpleCRM focuses on note sharing and tracking (across customers, vendors and inventory), contact management, lead management, deal tracking, Next Action reminders, sales management, and pipeline visibility. It’s simple because it is so easy to use.