DBSync Salesforce Integration for QuickBooks

Salesforce Integration for QuickBooks Online and Desktop by DBSync / Avankia

Key benefits

  • Seamless integration of QuickBooks and Salesforce provides easy synchronization for Accounts, Products, Opportunity Closed to Customer, Jobs, Products and Invoice, Estimate or Sales Order in QuickBooks. Enterprise CloudWorkflow: http://bit.ly/
  • Synchronize Invoice, Estimate, Order, Payments and balance data from QuickBooks.
  • Run analytics from within Salesforce, on-line software update and much more.

How it works with QuickBooks

Are you tired of re-conciling between Opportunity and Invoices sent from QuickBooks? DBSync for Salesforce & QuickBooks provides an easy to use application to synchronize Accounts, Contacts, Products and Opportunities to QuickBooks Desktop Customer, Jobs, Products and Invoice, Estimates or SalesOrder. Track Cash to Close and AR analytics to manage your customer more effectively. The application provides a pre-built field map along with a flexible advance mapping capability and configuration capability. The application also has an automatic online update.


Integrate beyond standard Objects to do things like Timesheet and Expense Integration, A/R, A/P and more. DBSync comes in 2 versions – Standard and Enterprise priced to built to suite users based on their usage and requirements. For DBSync Cloud Workflow Enterprise edition for Salesforce, follow http://bit.ly/2i6wWcD



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Free, Standard and Enterprise

Free 0 100 Free for simple Salesforce Opportunity to QuickBooks Sales Order
Standard $480/yr 100 Salesforce Account, Opportunity to QuickBooks Invoice, Sales Order, Products
Enterprise $2400/yr 100 Salesforce Custom process and mapping and more. Fully customizable

Standard: Email Support. Enterprise: Email and Phone. Check website for more details.


Online support:


Can I import my existing QuickBooks data into Salesforce?
Yes, we can migrate a portion or all of your QuickBooks data to Salesforce.
Is DBSync bi-directional?
Yes, Enterprise version has a full support for Custom Object and Fields.
Can I generate invoices in QuickBooks from inside Salesforce?
Yes, you can generate invoices, sales orders, estimates and credit memos. In Enterprise version you can integrate with Salesforce Custom Objects or QuickBooks Accounting tables.
What versions of QuickBooks do you support?
QuickBooks Online; QuickBooks Desktop 2008 and later (US, UK, Canada)