ePay Political Connector

Let AnchorOps take care of your electronic media payment processing.


AnchorOps ePay Political Connector allows agencies to automate manual steps in the payment process, including payment creation in QuickBooks, while expediting electronic payments to media suppliers securely, using MasterCard network.

Import Payments

Import payments to be processed from multiple sources like excel worksheets, AnchorOps OpsPulse tools etc, all in one place to start payment processing.

Review Payments

Verify which payments can be made electronically using AnchorOps epay solution and which need to be printed as checks. With few clicks check if conditions are met and approve. This process creates the checks in QuickBooks.

Submit ePayments

Review all checks created in QuickBooks, select the checks marked for ePay and send them for processing.

Review Payments
Submit ePayments



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ePay Political Connector is free for all AnchorOps customers to use in conjunction with their ePay programs.

Basic Free 3 Account will be provisioned based on AnchorOps approval

Email support is always available at payments@anchorops.com. Payment specialists can also answer questions via the live chat feature available throughout the ePay Political Connector.


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What is ePay Political Connector?
Political advertising agencies face unique buying pressures and demands to ensure that media is executed within tight time frames and last minute deadlines. Without efficient processes and timely payments, a media buy can misfire. It's crucial to work with partners who understand the nuances of political media and its need for speed and precision. You have enough to worry about let AnchorOps take care of the electronic payment processing by leveraging our ePay Political Connector for QuickBooks.
How can AnchorOps help you?
AnchorOps understand the political landscape and its fast-paced environment. ePay Political Connector allows agencies to automate manual steps in the payment process, including payment creation in QuickBooks, while seamlessly expediting electronic payments to media suppliers. Payments are sent securely through the MasterCard network - eliminating check writing and reducing the cost and overnight mail delivery.
What are the benefits?
1) Ability to easily determine supplier payment type- electronic or check 2) Automated payment creation from the Connector to QuickBooks- no manual payment entry necessary! 3) Real-time communication with vendors (including sales reps) regarding electronic payments 4) Real-time communication with AnchorOps regarding electronic payments 5) Easy auditing and tracking of payments- both electronic and check.