Fido : Credit Control

Get paid, faster.

Key benefits

  • Late payment affects over 75% of businesses. Our credit control app plugs into QuickBooks to automate invoice reminders & debt collection. We speed up collections, so you can focus on building your business. Fido is simple, easy, fast.
  • Save money. We work hard on your behalf to ensure you get paid promptly. Better cashflow enables you to focus on the business & invest in the things that matter.
  • You're always in control - decide who, when & how to chase late payments. Fido uses advanced machine learning to identify the most effective time to contact slow payers using proprietary SmartRules. Fido is always-on, always working for you.

How it works with QuickBooks

Simply connect your QuickBooks account to Fido. Every day Fido synchronizes your accounts, prioritises late payers and follows-up - automatically. Fido ensures that every sales invoice is followed-up at the right time, with an approach that's just right for your business. Simply connect your accounting package, and within minutes we can start managing your outstanding receivables.


Day-to-day Fido automatically keeps track of your sales invoices, issues reminders to clients, chases forthcoming or overdue payments by email. (Optionally - by phone & SMS, too). And when a client pays, we say "Thank you" on your behalf, too. You control who, how and when we follow-up with your clients. All activity is logged on the Fido dashboard. We provide recordings of every call we make to your clients. Our team of credit control experts is here to provide help & advice whenever you need it. Got a late payment problem? Let us help.



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Fido is forever free for basic usage. We offer paid plans with additional features for larger organisations. Check out our plans!

Forever Free 0 N/A Fido is free forever for up to 3 clients
Advanced $25 Unlimited For up to 25 clients - unlimited email credit control
Ultimate $89 Unlimited For up to 100 clients including credit control by email and telephone. Let us manage your credit control processes start to finish for one simple fixed monthly fee.

Online support:


Can I decide who to send reminders to?
Yes! You can send reminders to specific clients - or everyone. You choose.
Can I change the format or text of email reminders?
Yes! Fido includes an advanced library of WYSIWYG templates which you can customise or adapt. Simply pick a format you like and customise it to your needs. Fido also lets you decide your own credit control schedule by changing or adding triggers for reminders. For example, you could have Fido remind a client of a forthcoming payment 7 days, 14 days or 28 days in advance.
How does telephone credit control work?
Our team of experienced credit controllers can - optionally (paid plan) - reach out to your clients on your behalf by telephone to remind them of payments due and to follow-up on late payments. This is a highly effective & professional approach to getting paid on time.