FinJinni 1-2-3

Easiest data extraction with patent pending technology

Key benefits

  • Works with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop. This is useful for accountants who work with multiple clients.
  • Centralize your QuickBooks reports. Extract your reports from QuickBooks into Excel for centralizing and easy access.
  • Create reports that QuickBooks can't. QuickBooks reporting capabilities are limited. FinJinni 1-2-3 easily extracts data into Excel to create the reports you need.

How it works with QuickBooks

FinJinni 1-2-3 is a desktop appliction that works with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop to export your data into an Excel spreadsheet.


FinJinni 1-2-3’s patent pending technology will revolutionize the way you download your QuickBooks data. It is the absolute easiest way to filter and format your extractions. By using a template, you can recreate your reports with updated information with the push of a button. It works with QuickBooks Online and all versions and years of QuickBooks Desktop.



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FinJinni is sold as a flat one-time fee. There is a free trial and an introductory price.

Free Trial 0 1 Free 15 day trial
Regular Price $199.00 1 Flat rate price of $199.00

Online support:


Can I rename the columns or tabs?
Yes, but you must leave the original names on line 1. You can put new names on line 2 (first clear off any data on that row). Put the keyword “rename” in cell A3. Any cells on line 2 that are empty will use the name from line 1. If you want to assign a new tab name to the spreadsheet, put that name in cell B3. Otherwise leave B3 empty. In this case, the output file must be different from the template file (so that FinJinni doesn’t overwrite the template file).
Can I filter rows?
For QuickBooks Online, the procedure to set this up is: Create a separate worksheet named “Filters”. Add rows starting in row 1. Column A contains the worksheet name you want to filter on, for example, “Customers”. Column B contains a filter expression of the form “Column op Value” where “Column” is the name of the worksheet column you want to filter on, “op” is the comparison operator: “=”, “!=”, “<”, “>”, and so on. For a list of allowed filter expressions, see the QuickBooks documentation.
What OS/platform is supported?
Supported OS/Platform: Microsoft Windows, Windows 7 and above Supported Browsers for Windows: • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 10 or later • Mozilla FireFox, version 38 or later • Google Chrome, version 43 or later