Flex Financial Reporting

Powerful reporting addon for Excel that gives you direct access to your data.

Key benefits

  • Build your own custom reports in Excel.
  • Direct access to all your data in real time.
  • Create Pivot tables, custom views, join and merge data and much, much more

How it works with QuickBooks

Flex Financial Reporting is an Excel addon that gives you fast, direct & secure access to your data. Simply setup your connections using the online portal (www.flexfinancialreporting.com), then download the Excel addon and connect.


Flex Financial Reporting gives you access to raw data across all your QuickBooks Online accounts allowing you to craft your own reports in Excel.

Free Solo plan, no credit card required, upgrade plans start at $30/mo?.

Solo Free Unlimited Connect to 1 QuickBooks Online Company
Small Business USD$30 Unlimited Connect to 10 QuickBooks Online Companies
Enterprise USD$150 Unlimited Connect to 100 QuickBooks Online Companies


Online support:


Is my data secure?
Yes. The connection you make to QuickBooks Online is direct. There are no servers in between that cache your data.
What data can I access?
Everything that is available via the QuickBooks Online API. Updates will be released regularly as the API evolves.
Can I report across multiple companies?
Yes. Watch the video tutorials for some tips.