Automate cost & revenue recognition. Close faster. Deliver accurate financials.

Key benefits

  • Streamline your cost and revenue recognition accounting processes by eliminating hard to maintain spreadsheets and tedious hand entered journals. Close faster with more accurate financials. Easily deliver relevant schedule based forecasts & metrics.
  • Quickly generate and journal flexible, GAAP/IFRS compliant, per line schedules based upon powerful recognition parameters and exact service dates. Easily handle changes with full trackability. Run built-in checks to prevent revenue, expense leakage.
  • Instantly view waterfall reports and schedule based forecasts to assess future revenue and expenses. Leverage automatically updated business metrics such as MRR, ARR to better manage your business. Easily access and review contracts starts and ends.

How it works with QuickBooks

Flowrev is seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online. Users can easily pull transaction data incrementally to Flowrev, automatically generate revenue and cost recognition schedules and journal back to QuickBooks with the click of a button. Changes to transactions in QuickBooks are easy to keep track of and handle with the built-in schedule checkers, which highlight transaction changes that require follow on revrec/costrec processing. Product and service bundles are fully supported, as are multiple deferred revenue and recognition accounts.


Flowrev is online cost and revenue recognition software that lets users automate and streamline their accounting processes for deferred revenue and prepaid expenses. By eliminating time consuming spreadsheets users close faster and regularly deliver more accurate financials and forecasts. New regulations (IFRS15, ASC606) for revenue and expense recognition go into effect for private companies worldwide in 2018. Now's the time to implement revenue and expense recognition automation software. Beyond regulations, the more accurate financials, which are reflective of true business operations, are a must have for company executives.


Flowrev, Inc.

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Flowrev subscriptions deliver high value at low cost. Avail a free 14-day trial. Accountants - check out the volume plans. Details at: https://flowrev.com/pricing

Bronze USD 50 / mo. 1 Price per company. Up to 300 invoice and bill line schedules. 1 admin user per company. Upgrade to multi-user available.
Silver USD 100 / mo. 1 Price per company. Up to 1,200 invoice and bill line schedules. 1 admin user per company. AutoDate. Multi-currency. Upgrade to multi-user available.
Gold USD 150 / mo. 1 Price per company. Up to 3,600 invoice and bill line schedules. 1 admin user per company. AutoDate. Multi-currency. Department/Class support. Upgrade to multi-user available.
Platinum USD 300 / mo. 3 Price per company. Starting price shown for 7,200 schedules/yr. Upgrade to up to unlimited invoice and bill line schedules. Up to 3 admin users included. AutoDate. Multi-currency. Department/Class support.

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Where can I find Flowrev FAQs?
Use Flowrev's in-app Help page to view FAQs and search solutions articles published in the knowledge base at our support site at: https://flowrev.freshdesk.com/support/home