Grow your business, on your terms

Key benefits

  • Founded by entrepreneurs who have felt the pain of cash flow struggles in the various stages of business growth. Backed by a team of real people, we are a company focused on helping small businesses.
  • You are in control, 100% of the way - you'll always know fees before you fund, you'll only be charged when you fund, and you can repay at any time to prevent further fees.
  • Your funding options grow as your business grows -- whether you start with a funding limit of $5,000 or $50,000, we've got bespoke financial products to help your company continue to grow into the Millions!

How it works with QuickBooks

Connecting your QuickBooks Online account to FundThrough only takes 2 minutes. Click 'Get App Now'.

Once connected, FundThrough will automatically review your company's profile and history to give you a decision on your funding limit in just a few hours.

Any unpaid invoices you see in QuickBooks Online are available on your FundThrough dashboard - you can fund any of them with just one click, and you will receive the funds in your account in as soon as 24 hours.

As you fund, and as your business grows, we automatically reassess you for higher limits.


Sending invoices is fun, waiting to get paid isn't. FundThrough’s lets you eliminate the wait associated with invoice payment, and get any unpaid invoices paid directly into your account in 24 hours.

Our clients are businesses who are looking to grow but who are constrained by the long payment terms of their customers. They are business owners who want to fulfill the next big order, make payroll, expand advertising and promotion, buy equipment, invest in inventory or facilities -- whatever it takes to grow business.



Terms and Conditions
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FundThrough accounts are FREE.

You are only charged when you choose to fund your invoices.

Express Invoice Funding 0.5%/week for 12 weeks 1 Advance any number of invoices online, up to a funding limit, and receive funds in your business bank account the next day. Learn more about Express Invoice Funding.
PRO Invoice Factoring Contact sales for custom rate N/A Factor invoices totalling $50,000+ to access working capital at preferred rates. Access to capital is limited only by what you have outstanding in your invoices. Learn more about PRO Invoice Factoring.

FundThrough comes with free customer support via email at or by phone via our toll free number 1-800-766-0460.

1 (800) 766 0460
Online support:


Is FundThrough for me?
If you are looking to eliminate the wait associated with getting your invoices paid -- whether it is to make Payroll, to buy Equipment, or to fill your next order -- then FundThrough is for you.
What is invoice funding?
Simply put, FundThrough advances you the full amount on the outstanding invoices you have with your business customers. We are here to help you get access to cash tied up in invoices so you don't have to wait net 30 or 60 to get paid.
Do you require a personal credit check?
No, our initial funding limit is based on the credit of your business, not you. When we set your funding limit, our primary goal is to ensure that a) your funding will be backed by business sales, and b) that your business will be able to manage the weekly repayments.
Do you contact my customers?
No, unlike typical invoice finance firms, we never contact your customers. For higher borrowing limits (typically above $100,000), we sometimes talk to your customers to verify invoices or to set up payment assignments - but we never do so without your explicit consent.