Greenback: Itemized Receipt Fetching

Automatically & quickly sync expenses from top stores and suppliers

Key benefits

  • Your New Transaction Feed.
    Bank and credit card feeds only give you a partial view of your transactions. Rather than guess what was purchased or sold - reconcile with the actual itemized transaction. Less work and better insights.
  • Seamless. Intuitive. Automatic.
    Connect to Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Delta, eBay, Etsy, Home Depot, Lowes, Lyft, Menards, NewEgg, Office Depot, Staples, Stripe, Uber, Walmart, Comcast, and more.
  • Skip the photos, scanning, and typing!
    No more OCR or expensive manual receipt processing or brittle workflows. The only app that fetches fully itemized sales & expense receipts directly from top stores and channels.

How it works with QuickBooks

1. Click Get App Now button above.
2. Connect your click-and-mortar accounts and sales platforms and take a break.
✔ Greenback automatically fetches and aggregates your itemized transactions into a single tool.
✔ Search, analyze, and export transactions either one a time or in bulk
✔ Collaborate and share data with your colleagues, clients, or accountant
✔ Exports are safe and intuitive — Greenback learns your mappings as you go, selects smart defaults, and searches for possible matches or duplicates.


It’s your QuickBooks. Elevated.
⋅ 100% accurate, comprehensive Transaction Feed.
⋅ Easy to follow, fully-indexed timeline.
⋅ Flexible, powerful search by keyword or structured query.
⋅ Export and reconcile confidently with contextual key information support.
⋅ Receipts included with exports. No more missing transactions.
⋅ Improved tax compliance. Maximized deductions.
⋅ From Greenback ⇆ or QuickBooks, creates new or enhances matching transactions.
See More Features

Simple and straight forward pricing plans. Try it for free! No credit card required. Check out our pricing plan page for more info.

Basic (Free Forever) $0 USD/month. Free Forever. Upgrade at anytime. Unlimited 20 Transactions/month. Weekly Auto Syncs. Unlimited Accounts. Original Receipts. Multi-Currency. Accounting Exports. Account Sharing.
Early Adopter $15 USD/month Unlimited Everything in our Free Plan + Catch Me Up. Bulk Export Tool. Priority Support.

Want to know more about Greenback? Need something customized? Just ask!
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How do you automatically capture original sales or expense receipts?
By providing your credentials, you authorize Greenback to act on your behalf. Greenback connects to your sales channels/platforms or click-and-mortar businesses where you shop and automatically syncs your original, itemized transactions for you.
What sites or platforms can I sync to QuickBooks Online?
Greenback supports a growing number of top sites such as Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Delta Airlines, eBay, Etsy, Home Depot,, Lowes, Lyft, Menards, NewEgg, Office Depot, Spirit Airlines, Staples, Uber, Walmart, Comcast | Xfinity, and more.
Can I request a new site be added to the list? It'd be great if I could sync to them.
Yes, absolutely. We'd love to hear what sites or platforms you'd like added to our connected accounting network.
I have several clients & businesses. Can I sync to more than one QuickBooks company?
Yes. Greenback can sync to more than one QuickBooks Online account and search for matching transactions during exports.