Hokas Credit Management

Premium A/R Management Service. "We do it for you!"

Key benefits

  • Our Service: Our “done for you” premium A/R Management service automates the collection process, and improves cash flow without the hassle of constantly chasing late paying customers.
  • Customization: With our fully customizable platform, you can set the reminder timeline per customer. We provide you with regular approval lists of pending reminders so that you have full control over who gets reminded.
  • Debtor Portal: Hokas is optimized for your customers' needs. Give your customers a better user experience with their own personal login showing their invoices (with PDF copy), payment history and messaging system for questions.

How it works with QuickBooks

The merging of QuickBooks’ accounting software and Hokas’ streamlined invoice reminding technology is a winning formula for improving the cash flow of any business that issues terms to their clients. Once you authorize access to Hokas, your account is automatically synchronized with our system ensuring that reminders are only sent when needed.


Our online portal optimizes your receivables with powerful, integrated features. Manage your A/R with ease, monitor your customer history, easily collaborate with your team and completely eliminate the chasing game associated with issuing credit and receiving payments.

Hokas offers a 30 Day Free Trial. No credit card required.

Full Service Solution (contact us for details) Contact us Unlimited Our “done for you” full service includes a dedicated account manager to answer any queries from your customers. Your solution can be tailored to meet your needs based on your customized setup, features used, and amount of invoices issued per month.

Hokas has a team of account managers available to answer any questions about your account or technical issues. We also have a development team located in the USA, Canada, Norway and India to quickly address any problems.


Online support:


Does Hokas provide more than just software for me to use?
Absolutely. In fact we pride ourselves on our First Party A/R Management services we have been providing since 1994. Give us a call to find out how you can benefit from our “done for you” service, with proven methods that produce great results.
Do all my customers receive the same type of treatment?
No. Using Hokas gives you the flexibility to set custom timelines for customers needing to be handled differently. You can give some customers more time to pay, and other customers can be reminded more aggressively. You can also set payment terms individually per customer if needed.
Do my customers still pay me, or is this now collected by Hokas?
Our task is to send payment reminders to your customers to ensure that they pay within the agreed upon terms and timelines, but we do not collect the payments on your behalf. All payments are are still paid directly to you.