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Key benefits

  • HR Cloud Onboard boosts new hire productivity by streamlining federal compliance paperwork, HR processes, and training. Our premium add-ons include a full-featured ATS (Applicant Tracking System), time-off management and offboarding software.
  • Paperless, self-service Onboarding with task automation that supports even the most complex custom workflows. Need to have Section 2 of the I9 filled by your office manager before COO approval within three days? Easy peasy.
  • Don't let federal compliance put your business at risk. Effortlessly track Form I-9 and Form W-4 progress in real-time, including their status with USCIS's E-verify system to ensure employment eligibility of every new hire.

How it works with QuickBooks

HR Cloud Onboard integrates with QuickBooks Online to perfectly compliment core accounting functionality with new hire Onboarding services. HR Admins can effortlessly push Employee data from Onboard to QuickBooks in one click, including automatic account creation, salary information, demographics and date of hire data sync, all in real-time.

    The following Employee fields will be sent from HR Cloud Partner App to QuickBooks:
  • Demographics
  • Date of Hire
  • Salary Information


HR Cloud Onboard delivers a new-hire onboarding experience that propels new employees towards immediate productivity with automated checklists and custom branded employee self-service portals.

  • Compliance: Maintain employee verification requirements and streamline E-verify process and electronically sign, store, and audit I-9 and W-4 forms
  • Organizational Chart: Clarify company structure while putting faces to names and roles.
  • Custom Forms and Fillable PDFs: Supports any HR workflow.
  • New Hire Portal: Create a company-branded resource to welcome new hires with videos, messages, and more.


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With HR Cloud you get more than just software; you get access to world class customer support and implementation consultants to help you with any questions, develop compliant HR processes, build out custom forms, and get the most out of your tools.

Onboard Trial Edition (30 Day Free Trial) Free Unlimited For any business—small, medium or large—looking to streamline HR processes and minimize time wasted on HR compliance. Try our 30 Day Free Trial and reduce your operational costs today!
HR Cloud Onboard Standard Edition $245 / month for ON or $385 with HRIS + ON 100 Small Business subscriptions for up to 100 employees. $2940 / Annual for ON and $4620 with HRIS +ON.
HR Cloud Onboard Standard Edition $450 / month for ON or $750 with HRIS + ON 250 Small Business subscriptions for 101 - 250 employees. $5400/ Annual for ON and $9000 with HRIS +ON.
HR Cloud Onboard Standard Edition $750 / month for ON or $1200 with HRIS + ON 500 Small Business subscriptions for 251 - 500 employees. $9000/ Annual for ON and $14400 with HRIS +ON.
HR Cloud Onboard Standard Edition $1200 / month for ON or $1800 with HRIS + ON 501 Small Business subscriptions for 501 and above employees. $14,400/ Annual for ON and $21,600 with HRIS +ON.

HR Cloud offers a complete suite of support services to ensure its customers succeeds. User may either chat live with a support specialist from within the app, check out articles on the HR Cloud Knowledge Base, or reach out to support via email.

Online support:


HR Cloud integrated with any 3rd party systems ?
Onboard’s list of 3rd party integrations includes Greenhouse for ATS, Checkr for background checks, E-Verify for employment eligibility, among others. Our list of integrations is constantly growing to improve the ease and efficiency of HR users by bringing more work onto one platform.
How does HR Cloud keep my data safe?
HR Cloud has industry leading data security. We'll keep your data safe behind multi-vendor firewalls, application-aware perimeter network, and real-time backups.

Our top security initiatives:
  • Storing your data in a physically-secure biometric protected server cage. Regulary scanning servers for vulnerabilities.
  • Ensuring all administrative access is logged and limited to only those who require access.
  • A third-party auditing our processes.