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The modern, automated 401(k) for small businesses and startups

Key benefits

  • Easy Setup & Employee Management: We make administration a breeze and let you run your 401(k) with just a few clicks. Take advantage of fully-automated onboarding and management of employees for your 401(k) plan.
  • Compliance Monitoring: We deliver all required annual notices and monitor contributions over the course of the year to keep you on track for IRS non-discrimination testing.
  • Built-In Advising: Our automated investing service (provided via Human Interest Advisors, LLC) helps employees globally diversify their investments, use low-fee index funds, and rebalance whenever markets shift. (average fee: 0.08%)

How it works with QuickBooks

Human Interest ensures that any updates to an employee’s contribution rate are automatically applied to your QuickBooks Online account in the next qualifying payroll period. You’ll never have to worry about a proper deduction amount. Additionally, Human Interest will reconcile employee information to determine any changes in employee status (new hires, terminations...etc.) and salary adjustments for each payroll cycle.


Human Interest is a full-service 401(k) provider that helps companies offer an affordable and scalable 401(k) that is easy to manage for employers and employees as the company grows. Employers can set up and administer a 401(k) plan entirely online, and can offer built-in investment advising to their employees (via Human Interest Advisors, LLC) to help them make better financial decisions. Our solution makes it possible for companies to offer high-quality 401(k)s as a part of a competitive benefits package without putting a huge administrative burden on HR. Integrate with QuickBooks Online to sync employee data and pull in contribution rates.


Human Interest

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Full service 401(k) plan for one simple, low price.

Core $120/mo base + $4/mo per participant 1 Automated 401(k) administration with onboarding for employees. Includes: payroll sync, recordkeeping, compliance services, full account support, and flexible plan design and options. For more details visit

Whether you're an administrator managing the day-to-day responsibilities of your company's plan or an employee participant, our support team is happy to assist with any questions, requests or feedback - please reach out to us!

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How does Human Interest 401(k) integrate with QuickBooks Online?
Human Interest will sync employee data for new and terminated employees, pull in 401(k) contributions from payroll, and invest them into the funds specified by the employee. Employees can update contribution rates in our app - those changes will be reflected automatically in the next payroll processing cycle in QuickBooks Online.
What specific 401(k) services do you provide?
We provide a full suite of services for a variety of customizable 401(k) plan types. Plan design consultation, employee on-boarding, automation of reconciliation tasks, record-keeping, and compliance services are all included at no additional cost. We offer Safe Harbor plans, profit sharing, vesting schedules, matching, Roth and Traditional options, and much more.
How long does it take to set up a 401(k) plan with Human Interest?
Setup is completely online and will take around 15 minutes. We send all documents electronically for approval and eSigning. After everything is finalized, the process might take 30-45 days before the plan is ready to launch, during which time we handle all filing and compliance.
I have a question that isn't answered here. How can I contact you?
You can email us at or give us a call at 1-855-622-7824.