Infor F9

Easy-to-Use Excel-based Financial Reporting & Analysis Tool (General Ledger)

Key benefits

  • Infor F9 is seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft Excel, so you have the freedom to take your existing worksheets and leverage the handful of unique F9 formulas to report off your general ledger (GL) data. If you know Excel, you know F9!
  • Eliminate cumbersome and difficult to build IT-centric reports filled with manual tasks. F9 is an easy-to-use solution that anyone within the organization can pick up with very little training because it offers non-technical and flexible reporting.
  • Cost-effective with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & quick Return on Investment (ROI) helps F9 pay for itself in less than a year. F9 has been a proven & trusted solution for over 28 years. Please try our 30-Day evaluation copy.

How it works with QuickBooks

F9 dynamically links your general ledger (GL) data to Microsoft Excel, and rapidly presents a real-time view of business information. Pushing "F9" on your keyboard recalculates any parameters in your GL for flexible cell-based reporting. Start from scratch or use the wizard to build reports: ad-hoc, table or pivot. F9 formulas are fast and support filters specific to QuickBooks including Classes and fiscal periods. Share reports to all levels of the finance team. Optional account security is available for role-based access.


Combined with the seamless cloud integration, F9 provides a rich suite of functionality: • Flexible cell-based reporting • Consolidations • Drill down • Budgeting • Budget Writeback (Forecasting) • Multi-currency • Report analysis • Table & Pivot table reports • Dashboards • Report Automation (send reports in multiple formats) Build a library of canned reports like Actual vs Budget, Balance Sheets, P&L, Sales YTD that can be created once and used year after year. A one-month report becomes a 12-month report with one copy command - no need to manually rekey numbers. Save time & complete other pressing tasks in your daily activities.

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Technical Support Hours of operation are: 7:30am to 4:00pm Pacific Time. Support requests can be submitted on-line or by telephone.


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How long does it take to build reports in F9?
F9 is extremely easy-to-use, so anyone within the organization can pick it up very quickly. If you are already a power user of Excel, it is an easy transition because you are leveraging a handful of F9 formulas to eliminate the manual process of your reports. There is also optional F9 Fundamental Training, which would get you building reports that day.
What versions are supported?
F9 supports these versions of QuickBooks® Online: Easy Start, Essentials and Plus.
If you also have QuickBooks® Desktop for Windows, F9 is also available for a number of versions.
For more details: F9 for use with QuickBooks

Supported Operating System(s) and platform?
For more details: F9 System Requirements
How can I see a running demo?
Download the 30-Day Trial, watch the video or contact sales for a live demo.
Is training mandatory?
No. We do have optional 4 hour F9 Fundamental Training that is performed via WebEx for up to 5 people. This does include literature and participants will be able to build reports at the conclusion of the session.