inSitu Sales

All-in-one mobile solution for field sales, distribution, and B2B e-commerce

Key benefits

  • MOBILE INVOICE CREATION AND PROCESSING With access to product inventory and pricing information, your sales team can quickly and efficiently create estimates, sales orders and invoices in the field. Visualize product catalog, scan barcodes and print
  • ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ON THE GO Credit and debit card payments can be securely recorded with the app. Our mobile payment system enables acceptance with manual entry, or card reader.
  • GPS TRACKING & ROUTE PLANNING Maximize productivity and decrease operational costs with the ability to create assigned territories for your sales teams, plan routes, and track field activity with GPS.

How it works with QuickBooks

Your company Sales data syncs automatically two-ways between QuickBooks and inSitu Sales while keeping your information secured and encrypted. Our admin portal gives you the ability to set up alerts when sync fails, or sync manually instead of automatically. You can also restrict access to users by module or a subset of data. For instance, users can have access to a subset of customers only or a subset of products. Alternatively you can turn off options like payments/invoices or activate full or read-only access. Entities synced are only the ones needed to perform sales operations.


inSitu Sales is an all-in-one mobile solution for field sales, consumer products distribution and B2B e-commerce. Our app offers mobile invoicing, estimate and sales order creation, secure mobile payment processing, digital product catalog, GPS sales route creation and tracking. Our B2B portal allows your customers to place orders online and pay their invoices. And our Admin portal allows you to configure the system and monitor your sales and distribution with beautiful data visualizations, analytics and real-time monitoring.


Insitu Mobile

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inSitu Sales Mobile App and Admin web portal $18.99/$16.99 sales rep / monthly/annually Unlimited Integration w/ QuickBooks® Online and Desktop. Free website access. Unlimited customer support. Mobile invoicing, sales orders, estimates, payments, forms. GPS tracking, route planning and optimization. Credit card processing 2.9% + 30¢.
B2B e-commerce $79.99/$69.99 monthly/annually Unlimited Integration with QuickBooks® Online and Desktop. Unlimited number of buyer accounts. Sales orders, invoicing and payments. Access to historical data. Access to admin website and analytics. Unlimited support. Credit card processing 2.9% + 30¢.

8x6 Unlimited support. 7x24 online chat and email

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What platforms does inSitu Sales support?
Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad.
Does it support price levels and multiple inventory sites
Yes, price levels are supported and you can allow sales reps to modify prices. Inventory sites can be assigned to each sales rep.
What mobile printer models does inSitu Sales support?
Android version: Zebra printers and HP Mobile 100/150. iPhone/iPad supports Zebra, Bixolon, Apple AirPrint enabled printers and PDF sharing.
Can I use a barcode scanner to enter item lines?
Yes, you can. Bluetooth barcode scanners are compatible and Linea Pro for iPhone