Now Commerce's Integrated Shipping

Integrate shipping communications with your warehouse

Key benefits

  • Create shipments using your QuickBooks transactions
    This way you won't have to enter orders twice. And you won't run the risk of making a mistake entering them the second time.
  • Check shipment status anywhere/anytime
    When the warehouse returns ship status, it's applied to your shipments. Completed shipments show when and how they shipped, plus a tracking number link to the carrier's website for delivery status.
  • Quick and easy integration process.
    Select your warehouse provider from the list and enter the credentials they provided to you. That's it, you're integrated.

How it works with QuickBooks

Create shipment requests using the invoices and sales receipts you've already entered in QuickBooks. This way you won't have to enter orders twice. And you won't run the risk of making a mistake entering them the second time.


Save time and money by exchanging shipment information with your warehouse electronically. Integrated with QuickBooks Online so your shipment requests are sent to your warehouse without data entry or paperwork. Whether you're managing your own warehouse, or you're working with a third party warehouse, Now Commerce's Integrated Shipping will save you time and money.


Now Commerce

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30-day risk free trial, no credit card required. Free Basic Warehouse. Other warehouse pricing varies. Contact the warehouse for details.

Your Warehouse: EasyPost 3 cents per package N/A Create labels and track shipments using the EasyPost API. Pay as you go, 3 cents per package.
Your Warehouse: ShipStation $9 per month N/A Ship orders using ShipStation. Starter plan includes 50 shipments for $9 per month.
3rd-Party Warehouse: Shipwire Contact N/A Over 154 fully managed locations in 45 countries support custom and on-demand fulfillment solutions for B2C and B2B commerce.
3rd-Party: Rakuten Contact N/A Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL), formerly Webgistix, operates industry leading fulfillment warehouse facilities in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Reno, Scranton and Austin.
3rd-Party Warehouse: 3PLCentral and VeraCore Contact N/A 3PL Central and VeraCore provide warehouse management software (WMS) to 3PLs, warehouses and e-retailers to manage their fulfillment operations.

Email us anytime at You can also call 877-740-9797. We answer email and phones 24/7. Customer service and technical support are included in your subscription plan.


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How do I connect to my warehouse?
Select your warehouse and enter the information they need to identify you. Everything else is done by the system and you can begin shipping immediately.
How do I get shipment status?
When the warehouse provides ship status we update your corresponding shipments with the provided tracking information.