IntelliTrack for QuickBooks Online

Seamless Inventory Management for QuickBooks Online

Key benefits

  • Improved Inventory Oversight - IntelliTrack® Inventory provides in-depth oversight into your inventory by allowing for automatic data integration between QuickBooks Online and IntelliTrack Inventory.
  • Simple Receiving - simplify your receiving process by generating receiving orders based off your QuickBooks Online purchase orders. Use barcode scanning to easily scan your items and validate in-bound receiving activity.
  • Efficient Picking - Fulfill your orders more efficiently and accurately. Picking Orders will be created automatically from QuickBooks Online sales orders. Use barcode scanning to easily scan and validate all out-bound picking and shipping activity.

How it works with QuickBooks

IntelliTrack® Inventory is a user-friendly, cloud-based software that allows you to track inventory data, sales estimates, and purchase orders and seamlessly sync them with QuickBooks Online.


IntelliTrack® Inventory manages all of the inventory, receiving, picking, and shipping transactions within your business, making inventory management simple. IntelliTrack Inventory will help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies, minimize paperwork, improve accuracy, and fulfill customers orders quickly.

Free 30 day trial. Subscription plans are based on number of licenses, types of licenses, features, and support options.

IntelliTrack® Inventory Desktop license(s) From $75.00 per month 1 Access to web-based interface including inventory management, orders, system administration, reporting, and barcode generation. Includes access to tech support as well as upgrades.
IntelliTrack® Inventory Mobile App From $75.00 per month 1 Licensing for users to fulfill orders and control inventory from a handheld device. Includes access to tech support as well as upgrades.

US based phone and email support is included at no additional cost.

1-888-583-3008 Opt 6
Online support:


What inventory functions does IntelliTrack® Inventory support?
Various inventory control transactions are supported by IntelliTrack® Inventory, including receiving, picking, physical inventories or counts, inventory movements and adjustments. These transactions can take place on the browser-based desktop application or on a mobile computer using the IntelliTrack Mobile App.
Can you print barcodes with IntelliTrack® Inventory?
Yes, you can generate Item, Location, Container and Sequential labels that include both text and barcodes.
Can I design my own reports or custom barcodes with IntelliTrack® Inventory?
Yes, IntelliTrack® Inventory has an optional end-user report designer that allows you to create custom reports or barcodes (both 1D and 2D).
Do you offer training or help with getting IntelliTrack® Inventory setup and configured to work with QuickBooks Online?
Yes, we offer optional web-based training and setup services to help you get up and running quickly and with little effort.